Everyone says, "Don't grow up. Stay young for as long as you can." When you get to college you have to take care of yourself and sort of be an adult. The real adulting comes when you move into a house with your friends and soon come to realize that adulting may not be all that it seemed to be.

1. Laundry.

Although some of us have done our own laundry for years, some get to college and still just wait until they visit home. Once you move into your own house you better start figuring out what buttons to press and how it works.

2. Cleaning.

Clean, clean, clean, and more clean. You cannot just get away with picking up your clothes and vacuuming once and a while. There are more places to clean now. Like the living room, kitchen, hallways, laundry room, outside, and of course your room.

3. Bills.

Bills? What? Yes, you are going to have bills. Water bill, electric, cable/internet, sewer bill, etc. You are not used to having to blow money on bills, but you better get used to it.

4. Groceries.

You can't just go with your mom and scope out the snack section. You are going to have to make a list and get real food.

5. Cooking.

Yes, some people have no clue how to cook besides heating up ramen or making grilled cheese or a sandwich. You better get Pinterest or a cookbook because ramen and grilled cheese will get old very quickly.

6. Taking care of your sick self.

Mommy is not there to coddle you or get you soup; you are all on your own. You have to figure out what medicine to get, how many tissues,and what food you can hold down.

7. Multitasking.

Trying to get everything you want and need to do done. You can't rely on your mother or father telling you that you have to study and you can't go out. Sometimes you have to give yourself a time out.

8. Having to make your own appointments.

You have to call and make appointments and it may sound easy, but with all of the other things going on it is easy to forget to make appointments for school, health, work, etc.

9. Getting out of bed.

You may have always had an alarm, but you know your mom or dad used to scream and ask if you were up.

10. Taking out the garbage.

You cannot just let the garbage keep piling up because there is no one else to take it out.