10 Accurate Ways To Know If A Girl Likes You

Let’s admit it, girls are hard to understand. You don’t know when she’s angry, who’s she angry with? How can you make her feel better? Was it you that made her angry? We may never know, however, you can find out if a girl likes you by noticing these signs.

1. She loves your company.

If she asks to go out for lunch, she likes hanging out with you. Never turn down a lunch date or a chance to hang out, she obviously feels comfortable around you to hang out off campus or out of work. If she constantly asks if you want to hang out, be the man and ask her out on the next lunch date.

2. She notices everything.

Body movements. How you stand, where you place your hands, we notice these things. Don’t be scared to give her a hug or put your arms over her shoulders.

3. She looks good for YOU.

Guys, girls try hard to look good for themselves, but if they like you, they’ll put a little more effort to look good for you too, so tell them they look nice once in awhile.

4. She compliments your style.

One way to get a girl’s attention is your wardrobe. Girls love when guys dress to impress. Showing you care about your appearance is not only attractive, but it’s something you two have in common, having something to talk about.

5. She knows what your pet peeves are.

Getting to know someone at a deep level is hard, but if you open up to her, telling her what you love, hate, it gives her an idea of what she could do to make you feel better.

6. She tries to make you jealous.

Oh yes, we’re bringing it back to high school, trying to make you jealous is what we do to get your attention. Where not doing it to hurt your feelings, or to play games with you, we want to see your reaction. How you react to some other guy talking to her, or when she’s talking to her friends about some guy, (there’s is no guy), we just want to see your reaction.

7. Eye contact.

This is an obvious one, but if there are two ways to know if she likes you. If she looks away, she’s shy and you make her nervous, you just make her nervous when you look at her for a long period. But if she doesn't look away, she obviously loves looking at you. It's that simple.

8. She cares about your day.

No really, tell her how your day was. If you don’t see her all day, or all week, text her and tell her how your day went. She cares.

9. She tries different foods for you.

If you're vegan, she’ll try your food to not only make you happy, but to show that can she can enjoy different types of food.

10. Flirting.

How do you know if she’s flirting? There are many reasons, but some are basically 1 through 9.

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