1 Year Later, The John Scott Story

It seems like yesterday I was watching NHL journeyman John Scott sniping goalies in the All-Star Game and winning MVP. The people rallied around John Scott to get him into the All-Star Game and he would be known as “the people’s all-star.” Gary Bettman tried to get him out of the tournament the best he could but Scott would not budge.

Scott, a regular fighter, embraced the role of an all-star and had as much fun as he could. He had scored only five goals in his 8-year career but that did not stop him from getting voted into the game. He is a very likeable guy so it was great to see him enjoying himself like that and everybody was so happy for him. The amount of support he got from everyone was just unreal and really shows how caring hockey people are. It is not easy to know that every night you will be called upon to fight someone from the opposing team and those guys should get some more recognition.

In 8 NHL seasons, he suited up for seven different teams and ended his career in the Montreal Canadiens system. He is now fully retired, spending time with his wife and two daughters.

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