Google has more info than you probably know

Google, the world's favorite search engine. It's the place we go to gather information we need, honestly, Google is probably the way that we found these news articles, and if not you earn great respect. Did you know that Google used to just be made up of YouTube, Gmail, and the search engine itself, no google docs, drive, or photos? The world was a simpler time then, Google didn't collect as much info and you actually had to talk to people the world before smartphones. Along with the changing times and crazy add-ons to google came add-ons to the privacy policy. At one time the policy used to only be 600 words but now it's 4,000! But who actually reads privacy policies anyway, we live in an age of just clicking accept and gong forth with our day? Google collects more information than what you probably would like, for example, your personal information, phone logs, and credit card info.

"Telephone log information like your phone number, calling-party number, forwarding numbers, time and date of calls, duration of calls, SMS routing information and types of calls."

But you knew that already right? After all, it was in the policy you agreed to. Maybe next time you will read the privacy policy instead of just hitting accept, maybe not live on the edge if you so please, just know that Google knows things you wouldn't even share with your friends.

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