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As much as you don’t believe in zodiac signs, they are very true. Astrology is very interesting and accurate. I am a strong believer of the zodiac and I am here to inform you on qualities of every sign. I am a Capricorn if you are wondering.


I am not a certified astrologist. This is based on my knowledge of the research I’ve done the past year. Another side note, there is such a thing called moon sign. Your sun sign is the sign you are born under and determines your most prominent qualities, but your moon sign is something you have to figure out using a natal chart. The moon sign is your second most important influence, it determines your inner mood. If you read the traits of your sign and they don’t match, that means your moon sign probably governs your personality more. If one description seems longer than the other, it is because I know more about that sign because I personally know them. Here is a link to figuring out your moon, as well as your rising sign and many other signs:


Here is a picture of the zodiac chart:


If you are born within the last two dates of a sign, you are on a cusp of the next sign. This means you will have qualities of that other sign. For example, if you were born on November 20th, you are on the cusp of being a Sagittarius since Sagittarius starts on November 22nd.


The Ram

Aries is a fire sign, so if you are an aries you are definitely feisty. You love to be glamorous, but not the center of attention. That is a Leo, your other fellow fire sign. Aries people are probably some of the nicest and sweetest human beings. You are very cool and sweet with a side of sassy. You are also daring and do not think something through before doing it. In other words, you are spontaneous. You generally know what you want in life, and love to achieve your goals. When it comes to relationships, you are passionate. You have a hidden rebellious side, but some Aries do not hide it. You are energetic and driven. You do not want a boring and repetitive life. You want to be successful but also live a fun and exciting life. You are known for your leadership qualities. You are a ram so you do things head first. You act tough but have a soft side inside. People love to be around you to have fun and have adventures. You are generally pretty confident and do not care about what people say about you at the end of the day. You get along with your fellow fire signs the best (Leo/Sagittarius). You also get along with Aquarius and people of your own sign. You have a care-free attitude and don’t give a f*ck about anything. In conclusion, you are just a lavish human who wants to have fun but also treat people amazingly unless they get on your bad side.


The Bull

Taurus is an earth sign, so you love animals and nature. You are the sign that loves to eat and sleep. You are not into glamour like Aries. But similar to aries, you have a bad temper. When you get mad, you get really mad. Taurus is the most stubborn sign of the zodiac. Your symbol is a bull, so just like a bull, you get angry quickly. Although you have your lazy side, you are a hard worker. When you are working, you are really working. You know how to separate work from leisure. Generally, you are a fun person yet you are grounded. There is always that one thing that a Taurus is amazing at. You love anything that pleases you which is food,sleep, and sex. You are known to be pretty good in bed. There is a obsessive/possessive side to you. You are the type of person to most likely obsess over someone you have a crush on. You get along the best with fellow earth signs (Capricorn/Virgo). You are the type of person to have adventures with Capricorns and Virgos. Taurus people also have great relationships with Cancers,Pisces, and Scorpio because Taurus has the ability to emotionally relate to those water signs(Pisces, Cancer, Scorpio). You are both introverted and extroverted. In summary, you are laidback and easy going unless you get mad.


The Twins

Gemini, you are an air sign. This means you are always thinking about a million different things. You are a bit impulsive as well. Since you symbol is the twins, you have a split and dual nature. People of other signs seem to see you as two faced most of the time because of your split nature. In reality, you have split personalities to please everyone. You act a certain way around every different person to relate to them. This comes as a backlash to you most of the time. You are very socially outgoing and fun. You are very vibrant and stick out in the crowd because of your vibrant personality. You are very smart and talented. People love you because you are the type of person that anyone can have a conversation with easily without any awkwardness because you are very extroverted. You are flexible and quick to adapt. You tend to have a short attention span. You hate to be bored so your mind is always wandering. You get along the best with other geminis. Your fellow air signs (Aquarius/Libra) are also good matches. Other than that, you tend to clash with many other signs. Something I’ve noticed is that Geminis born in June differ a bit from Gemini’s born in May. Gemini’s born in June are more bubbly and have less of a two faced nature. In general, you are a bright soul with dual personalities, so be careful of who you befriend or some drama can occur.


The Crab

Cancers are water signs. Your symbol is a crab. You are the most emotional sign of the zodiac. You are very caring and nurturing. Your family is the most important thing in your life. You put most importance on your family over any other sign. You are known to be a joker. People always love a cancer’s sense of humour. You are very sympathetic and sometimes a bit clingy. You are ambitious but sometimes do not act on your goals because emotions usually get in the way. This is a common trait with all water signs(Pisces, Cancer, and Scorpio). You tend to be indecisive and confused, especially with relationships. Cancer guys are the kind of guys that are really confused about their love life, but once they figure it out, they are very loyal and attached. I’ve noticed that Cancer girls are very quirky and creative. They are the kind of girls that love Lana Del Rey( she is also a cancer), and love the quirky, Indie, lifestyle. You are very good at listening to other people and relating to them. People love to come to you when they need to talk to someone. You have a very bubbly personality. Cancers are very intuitive. They know when something isn’t right about a situation or a person. They are the most intuitive sign. When it comes to family, you’re goal for work is to help your family. Family is always number 1 with Cancers.


The Lion

Leos are very fierce and bold. Your symbol is a lion, so you depict loyalty and leadership. You are extremely generous and bubbly. You love to be the center of attention, and you sure do love to talk about yourself. This may be an issue when it comes to other signs liking you. However, many Leos do this not to brag, but you want to be loved and admired for all the things you do. Some Leos do this out of insecurity. You are a natural leader. You are very independent and driven. Leos seem to always have their sh*t together. You are straightforward and energetic. You are a fire sign, so you also have your feisty side. However, when things do not go your way, you are the type to be dramatic and make a scene. You get along the best with your fellow fire signs (Aries/Sagittarius). You also get along with other extroverted signs such as Libras and Geminis. Leo’s are very dominating. They love to control situations. However, they are warm hearted and generous. They are very loyal to their partners just like a lion. You hate when someone tells you what to do and how to live. You feel like you have everything under control, which most of the time you do. You tend to usually date someone who you feel some type of power over because you want to be the star. For example, you usually date someone younger or not as good looking as you. A big example of this is J.Lo dating younger men, she is a Leo. You are a caring and loyal friend, and very adventurous.


The Virgin

Virgos are very self sufficient and shy people. You are probably the smartest signs of the zodiac. You are self-contained, but you are very successful. Your symbol is The Virgin because you love all things natural and you have a sense of purity. When people get past your shy side, they absolutely love you. You are funny and fierce. You are very nitpicky and exact, because you know exactly what is going to be the best, and it’s true. For example, Beyonce is a virgo, she has her diva moments because she is very confident and nitpicky on what will make her the best. Virgos are grounded just like their fellow earth signs (Capricorn/Taurus). You have the best relationships with them and Libras. Virgos are workaholics and perfectionists. They know what they want in life. Virgos are supposed to be amazing in bed. Your sign is very sexual since your symbol is associated with the body (The Virgin). You are aware of your body and mind. You have a “I don’t give a f*ck” attitude. You are naturally just badass and smart. Virgo girls are always slaying in life. You know how to have fun when you are not working. You are very introverted but many people find this attractive about you. You are grounded and loyal to the people in your lives. Since you are smart, you can easily figure a person out and can manipulate someone with ease. You are very organized and clean. You have every trait that can help you succeed and you are very talented.


The Scale

Libras are air signs, so they are very outgoing and fun. Libras are the type of people that love to party and have fun, yet they manage to have a high GPA. You are very extroverted. Your symbol is a scale because you are balanced and not the type of person to get in the middle of things. You are neutral. You are very social and people can easily talk to you. You seem to get along with most signs. You desire peace and tranquility. Libras are very charming and good at flirting since you are very social. You are quite laidback and easy going. Some might see you as superficial because they don’t know how to get deep with you. You seem to be a bit detached and unemotional. You get along the best with other air signs(Gemini/Aquarius). You also seem to really get along with Sagittarius/Capricorn people because you love to have fun. Since you love to have fun, you might land yourself in trouble sometimes. You tend to get a bit carried away when it comes to having fun. You tend to also have a hard time committing in relationships as well because you love to be out and about and have a wandering eye. A great love match for you is Virgo because you both will balance each other out. Virgos can keep you grounded while you can get a Virgo to let loose.


The Scorpion

You are the most intense sign of the zodiac. You have the most strong emotions. If you love, you love hard. Since you are a water sign, you are very emotional. Scorpios have a very dry and dark humour and they know how to make people laugh. Scorpios are very loyal and passionate. You love to study people and watch them. You tend to be the person that stares at someone because you are studying them. This is how they are very intense. Scorpios have those very intense eyes, when a scorpio looks at you, you feel like they are looking through your soul. You are the most sexual sign of the zodiac. Scorpios are very secretive, so they are the best people to tell secrets to because they know how to keep them and they are fiercely loyal. You are mysterious and powerful. Scorpios have strong egos and do not care about what anyone thinks of them. They are great friends. You are also very goofy and people love that about you. You love to be alone sometimes. Scorpios are extremely possessive, obsessive, and jealous. If you are going to be in a relationship with them, you have to be okay with being obsessed over. Definitely do not have a bestfriend of the opposite sex because scorpio’s jealousy will get in the way. Scorpio’s are very intellectual. A Scorpio is ruled by their genitalia so that is why they are the most sexual people you will ever meet. However, their emotions cause them to be very moody. Do not mess with a Scorpio because they love revenge. Why do you think Drake(Scorpio) made a whole song about revenge? No one will ever be as committed to you like a Scorpio. They get along the best with fellow water signs(Pisces/Cancer). Another successful pairing is a Scorpio and a Capricorn because they find many similarities and share the same goals and dark humour.


The Archer

Sagittarius people are easy going and strong. They do not give a f*ck about anything and love to have fun. You are very strong and bold, and they naturally have amazing humour. You get along with most people, but they have a very fiery side because they are a fire sign. A sagittarius will give you their honest opinion and they are very blunt. you are very optimistic and intellectual. You are adventurous and curious. Sagittarius people hate clingy people because they love freedom. You are impatient and might have a hard time committing in relationships sometimes. You love having fun so Libras get along great with you. Capricorns get along with you because you both share a reckless fun side and don't give a f*ck attitude.You know what you want in life and you are a go getter. You know how to express yourself and come off as a strong personality. People love to be around you because you are down to do anything and you know how to make them laugh. You get along very well with fellow fire signs (Aries/Leo). You are generous and a great friend. You are very sincere in relationships because of your honesty. You love being blunt. However some might see you as over confident and you can be brutal at times. You are very funny and fun to be around so people love to be around you. Chrissy Teigen is an example of a Sag. She is very witty and expressive about everything, and does not care about other people’s opinions.


The Mountain Goat

Capricorns are earth signs so they love animals and nature. Your symbol is a mountain goat so you love nature and animals. You are the most determined and motivated sign of the zodiac. Capricorns are very successful in most things they do because they know how to master anything. Their high level of motivation is what makes them master things because they are determined to try over and over till they succeed. Capricorns want to keep moving upwards in life, therefore the mountain goat represents them because the goat is always climbing higher. You are able to handle many things at once and succeed in all of them. You are very creative and have very deep thoughts. Capricorns are known to be very unemotional on the outside. Many people might have a hard time figuring you out because of this. However, on the inside you are very emotional but you know how to control it. You are the type of friend that will always be there for someone you care for. You are very loyal and committed. You are adventurous. You love nice things because you tend to be materialistic. You are the type of person to have aesthetics. You tend to be very stubborn because you think you are always right. You are very creative and tend to think a lot. Capricorns are the most misunderstood signs of the zodiac. People mistake them for being arrogant, egotistic, or unemotional. However, a capricorn never has cruel intentions because they care too much about others. Capricorns are usually reserved or either very loud. December born Caps are loud and the January born Capricorns are reserved. The reserved quality brings a sense of mysteriousness about you. You are an introvert, so people do not know much about you. You have an ability to empathize with anyone and will be able to see a side of someone others cannot see. Capricorns are very intuitive people and can immediately catch a bad vibe. You always mind your own business and focus on your own life. You hate drama and avoid it at all costs. If anyone does a Capricorn wrong, they will be completely cut out of a Capricorn’s life. Capricorns take betrayal very deeply like Scorpio’s and will want revenge with their success. You get along the best with fellow earth signs(Taurus/Virgo). You also get along the best with Scorpios, Libras, and Sagittarius.


The Water Bearer

You are a humanitarian. You are creative and friendly. You have the abiliity to get along with every other sign in the zodiac. You are extremely intellectual with everything you do. You are also very good at manipulating other people. What makes you stand out from other signs is the fact that you are very unique in your own way. You love to stand out and be different from others. You think for yourself and do things your own way. People are naturally drawn to you because of your humanitarian qualities. Your symbol is the Water bearer because of this. You are known to be a very loyal friend. You come off very unpredictable and love to rebel. You are very free spirited and independent. Aquarians seem to overthink a lot. You are an air sign so your mind takes you everywhere just like a Gemini. You are very social but you can be antisocial when you feel like it. You are very futuristic and have many plans ahead, however many aquarians have a hard time executing things they think about. You are very knowledgeable, the type of person to know something about anything. Many Aquarians also have a great sense of humour. You come off as unemotional just like a Capricorn, however you are actually very emotional behind closed doors. You are cool and open minded, so people love to be themselves around you. However, you are stubborn and have a very hard time changing your mind. You are adventurous and spontaneous. You would get along great with an Aries.


The Fish

You are very loving and caring. You are also very sympathetic and can relate to anyone. You are the person people go to when they want to talk about their feelings. You are a very emotional sign that usually gets drowned in emotions. You are sensitive and sometimes moody. You are naturally badass. You don’t necessarily have a filter sometimes and you love to set trends. You are very creative and artistic. You are goofy and love to be around people most of the time. This makes you one of the most dependent signs of the zodiac. You are very nice to people and a great friend. Pisces self pity more than any other sign of the zodiac. You have many dreams and goals but have a hard time achieving them sometimes because of your emotions. Pisces men tend to get very destructive when they are sad. Rob Kardashian and Scott Disick are examples of that. Pisces people have very distinct eyes like Scorpios. Pisces have very elongated and mesmerizing eyes because your symbol is a fish. You get along best with other water signs (Cancer/Scorpio), Taurus, and Aquarius. You are family oriented and loyal. You love style and luxury. Rihanna is an example of this. You are also known to have a powerful intuition. You are easy going, compassionate, and generous.

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