On most occasions, this would not be the title to this post. Last year for Heavenly Bodies, Zendaya's Joan of Arc inspired moment gave me CHILLS. However, immediately when I saw this Cinderella for Notes of Camp, I yawned. First of all, I did not find that it really fit the theme of Camp. Unless you count that it is a glorified Disney costume that lights up over the top, maybe, but I feel like it just was not giving me the outrageous-ness that the theme demanded this year. For design and technicality, it is a very well made gown that is visually beautiful! I just thought someone who has served some serious lewks at the Met Gala would have been more original!

GASP, I know there are some stans out there that will drag me for saying this but this has been done before...but better... In 2016, for the Manus x Machina: Fashion in an Age of Technology Zac Posen created possibly the most beautiful gown I have ever seen for Claire Danes. It gave me Cinderella realness for all the right reasons. Let's just let it have its moment one more time:

UH. One of a kind, I am speechless, breathtaking design and structure. Zac Posen did THAT. PERIODT. To me in comparison, it makes any other attempt look cheap and tacky. I honestly don't even have an issue with the fact that Zendaya chose to wear this light up dress or that the designers at Tommy Hilfiger went on this avenue, but this was done not even five years ago!! Same color, same silhouette, same concept. That's why I can't give my stamp of approval on this because it just has an overall wannabe vibe.

Now on to more positive notes, Zendaya's second look of the night was something I was 100% behind. Although it was not very "on theme," I feel like she went very classy and chic in this pink Grecian inspired gown.

Beautiful and effortless, I almost wish she would have jacked this dress up on Camp steroids and wore this as her main and the Cinderella as her after party. But alas, I am just a broke college student behind a computer screen.