8 YouTubers Worth Checking Out On A Rainy Day
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8 YouTubers Worth Checking Out On A Rainy Day

My favorite channels to help me kill time.

8 YouTubers Worth Checking Out On A Rainy Day

When I want to avoid my problems, procrastinate an assignment, sleep, or to kill some time, I go on Youtube. There's nothing I love doing more, than going down a black hole of someone's channel. Here are some of my favorite people to watch, when I want to escape reality.

Safiya Nygaard

Safiya is an ex-Buzzfeed employee and arguably has been the most successful after leaving. Her channel consists of questionable fashion items, buying things from sites like Wish, mixing things together (like lipsticks, candles, etc), and many many more. She has a fun and enjoyable personality that'll keep you watching for hours.

Morgan Adams

Morgan's channel mostly consists of vlogs and story-times of recent events that have happened. Whether she's having a great time or not, she doesn't put on an act for the camera, which I think makes her very real and genuine. She seems like the type of person I'd want to be friends with, as well as being very funny and entertaining to watch.

David Dobrik

It shouldn't be a big surprise to see David Dobrik on this like. His vlogs are short (only four minutes and 20 seconds each) and very hilarious, sometimes even heartwarming. The type of shenanigans he and his friends get into never seem to end. If you're ever looking for a good laugh, I highly recommend his channel.

Alisha Marie

Alisha also has a wide variety of videos, but she mostly leans on the beauty/lifestyle side of youtube. She does challenges with her sister, shopping hauls, and some skits. Almost a year ago she decided to take a break from her channel because she admitted that she wasn't happy with the content she was producing at the time, and since then I think her channel has grown so much.


The number one solo creator on the platform, Pewdiepie. Going from making gaming videos to reviewing memes, this guy still manages to put out a video a day. While he has had some controversies in the past, he knows what he said wasn't right and has apologized multiple times. He's a funny guy who deserves the number one spot.

Jenna Marbles

Jenna is an OG YouTubers and is still going strong. Her motto is that she's a 32-year-old lady and she makes whatever she wants, from filming her dogs, cooking, etc. she's just here to have fun and to make people laugh.

Carly and Erin.

Carly and Erin are a dynamic duo from David Dobrik's "Vlog Squad" and I find them to be so genuinely funny. They have their main channel together, as well as individual channels. Their content consists of a wide variety of reacting to stuff, hauls, hanging out with their friends, going to Starbucks, and more. They are very self-aware if they're being a little extra and are not afraid to admit it.


Lauren is the DIY queen. She uploads different DIY (do it yourself) projects from stuff that's trending and other fun stuff. She's also had a few DIY series such as DIY Challenge where she challenges other YouTubers on who can make the better DIY and DIY Master where she tries different and more difficult projects. She also vlogs and does a few life hacks videos, which always includes at least one DIY.

There are so many more great YouTubers on the website, and I highly encourage you to check them out! These days, Youtube seems to be the newest platform to watch content, so I'm sure there's someone on there you're bound to like on there.

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