10 TouTubers Every Girl Should Watch
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10 TouTubers Every Girl Should Watch

Whether you're looking for beauty advice, fashion tips, or something to get a good laugh, they've got you covered.

10 TouTubers Every Girl Should Watch

YouTube has basically taken over the internet. I usually find myself on YouTube watching many different girls share their interests, beauty tips, fashion and more. I have been watching some people since I was in middle school and I remember how excited I was when someone would post a new video. Here are some of my favorite YouTubers that I think every girl should watch.

1. KathleenLights

Kathleen specializes her videos in the realm of makeup and everything beauty. The best part about her videos is how she teaches you how to do each makeup look and is very honest about each product. My favorite type of her videos are her "get ready with me" and first impressions" videos. I could watch them forever!

2. Tess Florio

Tess is a new YouTuber I've been watching recently. Her videos mostly include amazing travel vlogs that make me want to travel the world with her. Her personality is so sweet and her style is amazing. Start watching this girl!!

3. Kristin Johns

There is not enough great things to say about Kristin! Many of you know her husband, Marcus Johns, who became quite popular when Vine was around. Kristin started her channel and I've probably watched every single one of her videos. Kristin's videos center around every day vlogs, fashion and beauty, as well as advice to girls. One of my all-time favorite videos on YouTube is her wedding video! The best part about her channel is how she includes her faith and love for Jesus in her videos.

4. Rebecca Louise

Rebecca is famous for her healthy lifestyle and workout videos! I'm not kidding when I say that I always watch her videos when I need a good workout. It's amazing how she talks throughout the workout while I can barely breathe! I strongly suggest watching her videos if you need a great workout or the motivation to start.

5. Meghan Rienks

Meghan has been a favorite YouTuber of mine for quite sometime! The best part about Meghan is her goofy personality that makes each video she creates interesting. She also does a lot of cooking videos that anyone could try out! She also creates vlogs, beauty, and fashion videos that I love to watch as well.

6. Ingrid Nilsen

I have watched Ingrid probably the longest out of any YouTuber. Her videos specialize in every beauty and fashion but have a special way of empowering women. One of her most popular videos that she uploaded was her coming-out video which has over 17 Million views. Her videos are amazing and she is a great person to admire.

7. Jenna Marbles

If I am ever having a bad day or need a laugh, I turn on Jenna's videos. She has been a popular YouTuber for a while but still always uploads new funny content to her channel. Look up her channel if you ever need to put a smile on your face or a friends!

8. Tess Christine

Tess's videos have been my favorite for a long time! She specializes in her "Celebrity Inspired: Look For Less" videos. These videos take an outfit from a celebrity and then she recreates the look. Her travel vlogs are also a favorite of mine with her fiancé Patrick. I strongly suggest watching her channel!

9. Megan and Linsey Hughes

Both of these girls have been in my YouTube subscription box for ages! Two sisters who have two unique and cute styles that make videos revolving around fashion, vlogs, beauty, and advice videos. Another thing these girls love is thrift shopping and DIY clothes. They both have a lot of advice videos for young girls including breakups, life changes, and motivation.

10. Margot Lee

Margot's videos are the videos that got me excited to attend college. She is a sophomore at Syracuse and her college advice videos, study tips, college fashion, and week in my life vlogs all help any incoming freshman or current college student.

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