18 youtubers to binge watch
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18 YouTubers To Binge-Watch For Hours

YouTube has pretty much taken over the world...

18 YouTubers To Binge-Watch For Hours

YouTube has pretty much taken over the world, almost everyone has a YouTube channel even if they don't post. YouTube has connected people and shared the best and worst of times in the world. I watch YouTube on a daily basis, so these are the YouTubers that I watch first when they show up in my subscriptions box.

1. David Dobrik

David Dobrik is a Slovakian-American Vlogger. He was brought to the United States at a young age and makes hilarious vlogs 3 times a week. Monday, Wednesday, and Friday, I promise you, these days will be the best days of your week when you start to watch David. "The Vlog Squad" as they are called consists of twelve YouTubers having fun and living their lives to the fullest. You should definitely check out his channel if you are ever in need of some laughs!

2. Kiara Madisen

Kiara Madisen is a youtuber that vlogs all about her college life at the University of Oregon. Her videos consist of Days in My Life to College Advice for Freshmen, if you are going to college soon, you may want to check out her channel!

3. Margot Lee

Margot Lee is another college vlogger that gives out great content! She attends Syracuse University and films anything and everything about her daily life at college to sorority videos to give you some insight! Again, another great YYoutuber to watch if you are heading off to college!

4. Shane Dawson

This YouTuber has over 15 million subscribers on YouTube. If you are looking for crazy food videos, conspiracy theories, or just need a good laugh, look up Shane Dawson. He has been on YouTube for almost ten years now and has created amazing content that will have you rolling on the floor or reaching for your tissue box.

5. Jenna Marbles

Jenna Marbles is another Youtube comedian. As of late, she claimed the name, "Beautuber" for her many interesting makeup videos. She never fails to make someone laugh their butts off and show the good, bad, and ugly about DIYs and makeup fails.

6. Emma Chamberlin

A 17-year-old that has a humorous side just moved out to LA to become a YouTuber full time. You can see her featured on the following channels: Dolan Twins, James Charles, David Dobrik, etc.. She has a real comedic streak but also isn't afraid to talk about her mental health issues on her channel.

7. James Charles

Problematic? Maybe. Great at makeup? Absolutely! This beauty boy has had his fair share of scandals but is never too shy to own up to them and apologize. He also has had some makeup mishaps that he isn't afraid to shine a light on either. He is all around a true person who isn't afraid to make mistakes and own up to them.

8. Kianna Naomi

Kianna Naomi is a fashion/beauty Youtuber. She is not afraid to show you her many hauls and makeup tutorials. She also features music, her personal life, and a few college videos.

9. Kian and JC

Kian and JC are two YouTubers that started out in a group called O2L. Once O2L split up, they went their separate ways for a small amount of time, then came back and made a channel together! They are hilarious and try all kinds of challenges with their best friends!

10. Franny Arrieta

Franny Arrieta is an adorable girl that films videos about fashion, makeup, humor, and just about everything. She is friends with Kian and JC and that is how I discovered her. She is so relatable and just likes to have fun on her channel.

11. PAQ

PAQ is a group of four English boys that do different fashion challenges. They are mainly streetwear based and have a creative twist to them. They promote inclusivity in fashion no matter what gender/race you are. They have collaborations with some big name YouTubers that are very enjoyable to watch.

12. Blazendary

GianCarlo is an 18-year old-boy from the East coast. He is a streetwear buyer/seller and is the one that got me into sneakers. Now I don't have half of what this kid has but I can dream, can't I? He showcases high-end streetwear fashion and traveling to different parts of the country to buy/sell streetwear items.

13. Complex

Complex is a channel that shows many different things. One of my favorite is when they take celebrities sneaker shopping. They takes these fashion gurus around a store and get their insight on the shoes that they would rock, my favorite celebrity they have had is Pete Davidson. They showcase many different versions of sneakers from Jordans to Balenciagas.

14. Olivia Jade

Olivia Jade is the daughter of Lori Loughlin. If you have to look up that name, I am ashamed. The Full House star's daughter is a fashion and beauty guru shows her daily life in high school and different parts of being invited to parties and red carpets all throughout L.A..

15. Sherlina Nym

Sherlina Nym is a German shoe collector that has over 50 pairs of sneakers. She films hauls and sneaker organization/collection videos. No matter how many times you watch her collections, you are still in awe of how many pairs she actually owns.

16. Mel Joy

Melody Joy is an 18 year old fashion youtuber. In recent months, she has been scarce on her channel but always posts content at least once a month. Her older videos showcase a change in her personal style from preppy to streetwear in a slow but noticeable change.

17. Closet Raid

Closet Raid is a fashion channel, obviously, that goes to famous youtubers and showcases what they have in their closets and what their favorite pieces are in their collections.

18. Kalyn Nicholson

Kalyn Nicholson is a lifestyle vlogger. She shows her life through plan with me's and talking about her anxiety disorder. Kalyn also shows her daily life through vlogs and traveling videos.

Those are eighteen of my top YouTubers that will have you binge watching for hours. As always, thank you for reading!!

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