7 Amazing Youtubers That Will Improve Your Subscription List

7 Amazing Youtubers That Will Improve Your Subscription List

Tired of the same old Youtube videos and want to watch something new? Try these creators for some great content!

Youtube is a great app that will allow you to kick back and relax after work or school. It's always fun to find new Youtuber's! These creators are awesome and have very wholesome content. Most bring something different and have something for everyone. Check them out and see what you think!

1. Buzzfeed Unsolved


While Buzzfeed isn't always rolling out the most popular content, these two are a great joy to watch. If you enjoy mysteries, ghost-hunting, and top notch humor then this is the channel to subscribe to.

2. Judy D


Do you love makeup? This girl brings some hilarious comedy along to both the best and worst rated makeup artists. If you don't stick around for the makeup, you will for her funny editing and unique personality!

3. Ricky Dillon


One of the OG's of Youtube, this guy is still bringing out great videos week by week. His content is pure and wholesome, and he also has a pet pig which is amazing. You will definitely want to subscribe to this legend!

4. Dylan Is In Trouble


Dylan is truly one of the funniest people in the Youtube 'biz. He does commentary on movies and honestly makes the movies much better, even when he is making fun of them. Dylan might make you hate a few movies, but you'll definitely love him.

5. Danny Gonzalez


Danny is a hilarious Youtuber, who makes a lot of stellar content and doesn't ignore how weird Youtube can be at times. He is very honest which is refreshing. You can also officially become a Greg, which you'll understand once you subscribe!

6. Lucy Wood


If you are looking for a fashion Youtuber, Lucy is one to check out! She is great and just all around lovely to watch. You will definitely want to check out some of the British online clothing stores she shops at, because her style is amazing as well.

7. Safiya Nygaard

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You've definitely heard of this gal! She makes amazing content from all over the world. Her personality is so charming and you will love her videos if you are a fan of different cultures, fashion, and much more.

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