7 YouTubers That Are Actually Amazing At What They Do

7 YouTubers That Are Actually Amazing At What They Do

They'll have your emotions on a rollercoaster.

I love YouTube. I’ve done a few articles related to YouTube before, "7 Videos to Watch When You're Having a Bad Day" and "9 TED Talks With Incredible Life Lessons," that I found. It’s a great place to go to be entertained if you’re broke and/or don’t feel like keeping up with the Kardashians. I spent a good portion of my time in high school on YouTube and there are certain channels that entertain and interest me more than others.

1. Tati Westwood

Tati’s videos are what introduced me to my love of makeup. She uses everything from the cheapest drugstore makeup to the most luxurious high-end products. She doesn’t discriminate between the two demographics and can make almost every product work. My favorite thing about her channel is that she makes it obvious that accurately informing her viewers on beauty products is more important to her than being on the “good side” of makeup brands.

2. Gabbie Hanna

I found Gabbie’s channel during high school while I was home sick for an extended period of time. Her videos are hilarious and relatable. She can turn a simple story about a craving for an apple into an eight-minute video. Gabbie was one of the YouTubers that made a smooth transition from Vine (RIP) to YouTube. The video that launched her channel was a rant about her “psycho” roommate. Her channel is well-known for its “Storytime” videos, but recently she has branched off from those into dance, videos of her singing, music videos, makeup videos and many other random videos. She released a poetry book in September (I bought it and highly recommend it!) I hope Gabbie continues to expand and do amazing things.

3. Grace Helbig

I found Grace’s channel through VlogBrothers when John went on paternity leave for a few weeks. I thought she was hilarious and subsequently started on a three-hour long binge of her channel. The non-systematic topics of Grace’s topics make me want to see the inside of her mind while also making me think that if I could see the inside of her mind I would be terrified.

4. Bella Fiori

Bella started out as a beauty channel and most of the content that she puts out is beauty/fashion related, but what made me subscribe were her “Mystery Mondays.” In these videos, she talks about missing people, unsolved murders, and unexplained events, like the Bermuda Triangle. She presents the evidence (or lack thereof) and the background information with great attention to detail due to “getting lost in research” as she has informed her audience before. Her makeup and fashion videos are still some of my favorites. She does neutral, everyday makeup and sometimes gray, creative makeup looks with bright colors.

5. VlogBrothers

This was the very first YouTube channel that I EVER subscribed to. Brothers John and Hank Green share this channel and “send” vlogs back and forth to each other. Whether they are explaining historical or currents events or doing a silly challenge they find a way to educate others. They like to keep things fast-paced, short, and concise. If John’s video is not under four minutes, then Hank gets to choose a challenge for him to do and vise-versa. In the haystack of channels on YouTube whose content is not contributing to the betterment of the human population, it is nice to have this channel whose main goal is to educate and entertain others.


Superwoman, AKA Lilly Singh, is a Canadian YouTuber that has been posting videos on her channel since 2010. She became popular for her “Types of People” videos. During her time on YouTube, she has written a book, toured, and released a movie with YouTube Red of her tour, “A Trip to Unicorn Island.” Two years ago, she launched the #GirlLove campaign on social media to promote spreading love and not hate between women.

7. Jenna Marbles

Jenna Marbles is the OG female YouTuber. If you asked, she would probably be the inspiration for half of the female influencers right now. Famous because of her “How to Trick People into Thinking You’re Good Looking.” Since then, she has accumulated over 17 million subscribers (right now she’s almost at 18 million.) She makes videos on everything from makeup challenges to different editions of “Jenna’s Ratchet Salon,” but she always finds a way to make whatever she is doing funny and entertaining.

There are probably a hundred more YouTube influencers that I could add, but I chose these channels, these people because they genuinely care and show interest in what they do, their audience, and how they have and could impact them.

Cover Image Credit: Gabbie Hanna

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