I love TED talks. They have TED talks to make you laugh, cry, or angry, all while educating you. I these hold the most important lessons because of their relative nature to the most important aspects of life.

1. "This is what happens when you reply to spam email" | James Veitch

In the midst of all of the educational and inspirational TED Talks, I found this gem. James Veitch has done multiple TED Talks and they all center around him instigating in some mischievous activity to mess with people. This video, in particular, involves James responding to a spam email inquiring about a “business proposal.” The video involves James playing this person about going into the gold business. The video makes me want to reply to all the spam emails in my inbox.

2. "If I should have a daughter ..." | Sarah Kay

This TED Talk was the one that pulled me in first. I had found it in Shailee Modi’s article “5 Times Poetry Blew Me Away,” and she was right, I couldn’t stop watching. Sarah spoke of why she writes and what she writes. The poems she speaks sandwich together her talk. She kept me on the edge of my seat and I wanted to hear every last word she would spout.

3. "I don't want children -- stop telling me I'll change my mind" | Christen Reighter

As a young woman, I can relate to everyone since I was a child talking to me as if having a family is the “end game” game for me. Christen Reighter decided that not only was motherhood, not her “end game,” but she wanted to not chance it by undergoing sterilization. In her TED Talk, talks about all the obstacles and patronizing looks and speeches she had while going through the preceding steps of this medical procedure. She makes it clear that bearing children is a bonus of feminism not the foundation of it.

4. "Plus-size? More Like My Size" | Ashley Graham | TEDxBerkleeValencia

I’m not sure where or when I first started seeing and hearing of Ashley Graham, but it seems as if one moment she was nowhere and the next she was everywhere and for good reason. Ashley speaks of her experience as a model, how when telling others of her profession she was made to feel as though she had to clarify that she was a “plus-size” model. I enjoyed this talk so much because she pushes on my favorite belief that beauty is not defined by size.

5. "Paper towns and why learning is awesome" | John Green

I’ve been watching John Green’s YouTube channel and reading his books for years. I love listening to him speak because he talks about an agenda with the goal of wanting to teach and make others learn. In his talk, he speaks of his

6. "What does it mean to be beautiful?" | Esther Honig | TEDxVancouver

This journalist speaks about her DIY social project gone viral. She speaks of how her experiment to be not hers anymore, but an expansion gifted to the social domain and whoever feels like their point of view is worth exploring. This will make you think about what beauty is and how the perspective changes from every culture to geographical location.

7. "Inside the mind of a master procrastinator" | Tim Urban

I admit I am guilty of procrastinating when possible and even when impossible. So, I can say (or type) that this is very relatable for all of us that are procrastinators and very informative for those who identify as “non-procrastinators.”

8."The lies we tell pregnant women" | Sofia Jawed-Wessel

Again, with the not trusting women with their own bodies. In her Talk, Sofia informs us of myths that pregnant women are told to “protect” them. She made me think of the way I socially view those who are expecting and how I should stop viewing them.

9."Lessons from the Dying" | Marie-Jo Cleghorn | TEDxQueensU

I think dying, although not something we like to think of, is the largest vault of education in life. Marie-Jo relays to us the lessons that she learned from those who were dying and added to her life. The biggest lesson I learned is that you should never settle for who you are and always move to be a better person.

TED talks can teach you lessons that you could never fathom possible, but isn’t that the glory of a good lesson?