YouTube Is Taking Over The World
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YouTube is taking over the world

Why do we love YouTubers so much?

YouTube is taking over the world
YouTube- James Charles

Why do we love YouTubers so much? How are these normal people becoming so well-known and wealthy? YouTubers can make videos of literally anything, yet people still show an interest in their activities. And people will still watch them, from someone's makeup routine to just a "day-in-the-life-of" video. It doesn't really make sense as to why we are so drawn to these YouTubers, because, for the most part, they are just normal people. However, YouTube is taking over the (entertainment) world. It is our society's newest obsession, and a newfound way for people to become rich and famous. Anyone can become a YouTuber, and, if you are lucky, you can make thousands to even millions of dollars.

One type of video that has become particularly popular on YouTube is the vlog. There is a huge range of "vloggers," from David Dobrik or Emma Chamberlain, who make videos focusing on the humor, to Cole and Sav, who are YouTubers who focus on their child and family life. But, in the end, vloggers are just normal people filming their daily lives, yet millions around the world continue to tune in. YouTubers are the newest craze, and it is going to take over the entertainment industry.

YouTube is taking over the entertainment world

YouTube is starting to change and dominate the entertainment industry. YouTube is on track to be more viewed than shows on TV. Some channels have millions of followers who regularly view their videos. Kids now are watching more YouTube than they are TV. They consider YouTubers like Jake Paul to be the biggest celebrities they are following, rather than actors in the television or film industries. YouTube is easily accessed by anyone and available on so many different platforms, making it available to a far wider audience. Also, there are so many more new videos on YouTube than there are on TV. YouTube is also starting to create series similar to TV shows, accessed exclusively on YouTube. The video platform is far more popular with post-millennials, so, in upcoming years, there could very definitely be a major shift in the entertainment world. In a matter of years, YouTube could very well take the place of TV in terms of media-consumption.

YouTube is the newest platform for advertising

YouTube is also turning into a money-making industry. Popular YouTubers are making thousands of dollars for each video they post, making money from the number of view on videos, number of subscribers and, most importantly, from advertisements. Brands have shifted some of their marketing strategies; some are starting to pay YouTubers to talk about or endorse products in their videos. Companies realize that kids, teens and young adults are starting to spend more time watching YouTube than TV, so they are starting to funnel their money in that direction.

The idea that literally anyone can become famous on YouTube is both interesting, and also a bit strange. Why is our society so interested in watching videos ranging from the mundane and everyday to simply idiotic? I think we are so intrigued because we are able to feel a personal connection with YouTubers. People love YouTube because the people who make videos are relatable and real. For the most part, YouTubers are just average people living average lives; they are not characters with backstories developed by writers. For some people, perhaps, viewing a YouTube video can be more appealing than television because it is more so a mirror into their own lives.

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