I am sure that more than half of the people on this earth knows what YouTube is. YouTube is an American video sharing website that is known world wide. Whenever I log onto YouTube I feel like I'm being transported to a magical realm of endless video content. When I first started using YouTube I mostly used it to watch music videos. It wasn't until I discovered the YouTuber Pewdiepie, that I began to log onto YouTube for other reasons. Now, along with discovering music and watching music videos, I also watch YouTube for vlogging(video blogging). With YouTube Red I could also watch a bunch of cool shows, but I'm holding off getting a subscription until my finances will allow me to be able to upgrade from $1.00 pizza slices and instant noodles to T.V. dinners. For now I'm taking advantage of being able to watch vloggers for free.

Vlogging is very popular today. I feel like 1 out of every 3 people I meet in a day probably vlogs and has their own YouTube channel. I must admit that vlogging is a great way to get exposure and make connections. It's also a productive hobby and for some a successful career. Vlogging is so popular that people can now get paid for it. Obviously you have to have a lot of followers and video views and be able to stick out from other vloggers, but if you're able to do that then what an amazing career you can have! I have actually wanted to do some vlogging myself but...yeah. Maybe after I graduate from college and have learned to not let laziness get the best of me, then hopefully I can produce a few vlogs.

I'm impressed by vloggers. Well at least by the ones that I have come acossed on youtube. They have to take the time to come up with videos that would appeal to their audience, they have to do a bunch of editing, and more. A friend of mine, Kent Au, just started vlogging and so far he really enjoys it! Kent said that he always wanted to vlog, but he just kept putting it off until one day he just decided to do it. He also said that he doesn't know where vlogging will take him, but It doesn't matter to him. "I just like the idea of sharing my life with people," he stated.

Kent also feels as though it can be hard to find things to vlog about, but his friend Melanie who is also a vlogger gave him some words of wisdom to keep him motivated. You can see his first vlog on YouTube and subscribe to his channel, Kent Au. So, If you like making videos and want to make a hobby or a career out of it, vlogging is a great way to do it.