You May Stick Your Nose Up, But I Love Being A Waitress

Although You May Stick Your Nose Up To It, I Love Being A Waitress

It's actually a great job.


Being a waitress is actually great. You deal with food on the daily and you make money for bringing it to people. You go through a lot of work to get to the end result, but you knew that when you applied.

I absolutely love my job as a waitress at a breakfast restaurant.

People love to judge and turn their noses up to waitressing. Although it's not the very best job on the entire planet, I also don't think it's the worst, either.

Of course, like with every job, there are pros and cons. I know this to be true, and the rest of my server audience can agree, I'm sure. We accept both with bravery.

A pro is obvious; you walk out with money, which is what we want... right? We're working hard for this, so we will do our very best to get that money. It's a job after all. But a con is also obvious; you may not walk out with as much as you hoped. I know for a fact that some days are bad days; no one is around or it's just not a breakfast day.

Another pro is the fact that you get to be around food all day. Everyone loves food, but as servers, we want to make the food the best meals our customers have ever had. The downside? The food may get old, and it gets boring from time to time. I love eggs, but sometimes, if I serve them too much in one day, I'll get tired of looking at them and eventually lose an appetite for them.

The good news about waitressing is that you get to talk to a lot of people; customers, coworkers, and kitchen staff. You get to work on your social skills. For this job, I mean, you have to have social skills coming in, being sociable with everyone. You have to be some sort of a "people person."

If you're not a "people person", and you don't enjoy direct eye contact and conversations with people on the daily, then waitressing is not for you, sister.

Waitressing has a lot of side work to it. Obviously, coffee just doesn't appear on its own, and the line in the kitchen just doesn't clean itself after a busy day. It's a lot of work, but the effort counts and makes your day run smoother.

People mainly turn their noses up to waitressing because they may think that it's a job for poor men or women. Wrong. Waitressing is great because you get quick money every day and don't have to wait for a paycheck. I also enjoy it because I get surprised by how much money I may make, and the amount is different every time.

Although you may turn away from the idea of waitressing, I enjoy being one.

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