You're Never Too Old To Watch Cartoons

When we were all younger, I'm sure at one point somewhere in our childhood we all watched cartoons. Whether it was oldies such as "Tom and Jerry" or "Scooby-Doo," or shows like "Danny Phantom," "SpongeBob SquarePants" or "Jimmy Neutron." Now we're adults, and society is trying to put labels on us. One of those labels is that adults are too old to be watching cartoons anymore, and if you do, you're frowned upon.

Today I want to disprove this false notion once and for all because if I'm being honest, it's completely stupid.

First off, cartoons in current times all take notice that the audience is not just a bunch of kids. I've seen cartoons crack plenty of jokes and one-liners that would immediately go over so many kids' heads. If you find yourself thinking of cartoons as a daycare for little kids, just remember that they all are just screenplay similar you would find in any regular TV show, but animated. Cartoons tend to use a lot of comedy and parody in many forms, whether being subtle about it or upfront.

Even if the newer cartoons these days don't catch your eye, you can always take that glorious trip down memory lane for a cup of nostalgia. As we all get older and as life goes on, who wouldn't want to feel like a kid again? There are parents who even watched these old cartoons alongside their kids. Just because they're now all grown up, who says they have to stop?

No matter how old you might get, there is a child hidden within all of us, and there is no getting rid of it.

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