You're In The Patriots' House
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You're In The Patriots' House

But whose house will it be next?

You're In The Patriots' House

The Patriots are a ridiculous team. I live in New England, and they are not my team; however, it is impossible to deny that this dynasty set behind Coach Bill Belichick and current legend, future Hall of Famer, Tom Brady, is a tandem and definitely one of the greatest dynasties to ever be involved with the sport--if not the best of all time. I tend to be a little sour, and to be fair I think New England fans are some of the most spoiled and unsportsmanlike fans that any professional team fan base has to offer but it's hard to deny fact.

If I had one wish, it would be that the AFC East division was more of a challenge for the Pats, and not the joke that it is, all but guaranteeing the Pats a playoff birth and a great shot at another Super Bowl appearance or win. The Patriots are now the only team to reach the playoffs for the last 8 years straight (my own team, Green Bay had reached it 7 straight before this year, where they fell off the Earth with their quarterback going down for several games) and Tom Brady has 5 Super Bowl wins and 7 appearances. It's just impossible to try and deny those numbers.

But the NFL is a spectacle sport and nothing is ever guaranteed and everyone is lining up a playoff run to win their own Super Bowl and dethrone the defending champs. So here are the teams in the AFC the Patriots need to watch out for.

1: Jacksonville-

I'm so excited that the Jaguars are actually going to be in the playoffs. This is a young and hungry team with great receivers and a hard running game. This team is very very hungry, and they will do anything to keep from ending their playoff dreams and Super Bowl hunt early.

2: Kansas City-

We've already seen what kind of game happened when they played Week 1. Most would argue that Week 1 is a much different situation then much later in the season, but I remind you that the Patriots really don't lose their opening game. Kareem Hunt opened up that game after fumbling away his very first NFL carry and he's been a machine all season. And New England has a tough time against teams that can run the ball.

3: Buffalo-

This may sound silly, especially since I complained about the easiness of the division earlier, but it would be another division game. The Bills play the Patriots twice a year, every year, and when it comes to division games, nothing is assured. The Patriots have been doing a good job putting down division foes for a while, but they did lose 2 weeks ago to the Dolphins. These teams have had plenty of opportunities to play the Patriots and try and take them down. And nothing is more dangerous then a division team who is forced to look up, and then has a chance to take them down.

4: Baltimore-

They are still sitting on the outside looking in, but if Buffalo or Tennessee drop one of their final 2 games, Baltimore could be in. Joe Flacco and the Ravens have had a field day with the Patriots and Tom Brady in the past knocking them out of the playoffs a few times. No matter what the teams are like, that game always ends up being a tough one for the Pats.

5: Pittsburgh-

Yeah, they might have won last week against them, but that game could have gone either way. The overturned touchdown was an iffy call and killed the momentum of that ridiculous drive that the Patriots should never have given up. The Patriots won a close one, but keep in mind Antonio Brown left early with an injury. Between Le'veon Bell, Antonio Brown and Big Ben, this team is scary. And the Patriots barely won with them missing their number 1 guy. Will they be able to do that again?

And don't even get me started on if they would have to see Philadelphia, Minnesota, L.A.or Atlanta in the Super Bowl. Those teams are hot, or holding a huge grudge. And no one is looking to leave without winning it all.

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