12 Signs You’re An Old Soul
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12 Signs You’re An Old Soul

You're not one for small talk.

12 Signs You’re An Old Soul

In an ever-evolving world, there are some people who remain constant. Despite the growing distractions, they stay grounded. Regardless of the popularity of fluff, they prefer deep, meaningful conversation. They value experience over material and quality over quantity. They are old souls. They enjoy the little things in life, and prefer simplicity over extravagance.

Some believe old souls are people whose souls have lived many lives and are consequently more mature and wiser than most. Others think it’s just another personality type— simply a peaceful temperament. Though it can be difficult to have an old soul in a society that heavily values the new, there are many benefits to this unique characteristic. Here are 12 signs you’re an old soul.

1. You’ve always been mature for your age.

Friends, family, and teachers often commented on your maturity as a child. You often preferred the company of adults over kids growing up. There was just something about listening in on their conversations that was far more interesting than talking with those your own age.

2. You aren’t materialistic.

Brand names have never appealed to you. You don’t care to drive expensive cars or own shiny things. While some obsess over expensive designer clothes and accessories, you prefer taking your money to thrift stores and clearance racks. There is no value in material items, and you would rather save and spend your money on valuable experiences.

3. People tend to gravitate toward you for advice.

Whether friends, family, or strangers, people often come to you for help. You are known for having wisdom beyond your years, and both close friends and strangers come to you for advice. You’ve heard countless life stories, and you wouldn’t change a thing.

4. You’ve always been the “parent” of your friend groups.

Though you certainly have your fair share of fun, you are often the responsible one of the group. Old souls are the go-to's for love and life advice.

5. You never really connect with people your age.

Old souls love and admire many people of their generation, but unless they’ve found a fellow old soul, it always feels like something’s missing. This isn’t to say they don’t have close friends their age, there just always seems to be a distance they can’t quite cross.

6. You don’t understand the hype.

While old souls love modern entertainment, there are many crazes they just don’t understand. They don’t care to watch Vines or YouTube videos for hours. They don’t care to share their lives on social media platforms. They don’t keep up with fads. They enjoy reading articles and books over watching viral videos.

7. You’re nostalgic about things you never really experienced.

Tours of museums and historical sites sometimes can generate nostalgia for old souls. You can never really put your finger on it, but it just feels familiar. You may connect with various parts of history you have no personal experience with.

8. You value meaningful relationships.

Old souls don’t care to have friends just to have friends; they’re very selective with whom they spend their time. They value relationships where they can have deep conversations, as well as mindless fun. While you may love meeting new people, you probably don’t care to spend time with people you don’t connect with. If something is off about someone, you let them go. You don’t keep people in your life just to have people in your life.

9. You’re generally down-to-earth.

Old souls are typically calm people who don’t care for drama. They’re not easily excitable. They rarely spend time stressing, and when they do, they know how to quiet their mind. They’re often at peace with themselves and life in general, and aren’t easily shaken.

10. You don’t care for smartphones and apps.

Old souls aren’t much for group chats and constant contact, or regular scrolling through social media. Nine times out of 10, they don’t even know where their phone is. You strive to live in the moment and be present. Old souls are content when disconnected.

11. You love your alone time.

Old souls are incredibly comfortable in their skin. They value the time they have to themselves. They love sitting with their thoughts, reflecting, and daydreaming. You may love taking yourself to dinner and being home alone. You appreciate simplicity and silence.

12. You’re not one for small talk.

Old souls don’t want to talk about the weather; they want to know people to their core. They love hearing about people’s childhoods and experiences, their passions and fears. They want to know about their deepest regrets and greatest accomplishments. They want to talk about the universe and all of the “what ifs.” Old souls don’t care to talk about the rain.

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