Your School Week as Told By Cardi B

Your School Week as Told By Cardi B

You need a pick me up

Belcalis Almanzar popped into everyone's life in the summer of 2017 with her breakout song "Bodak Yellow". You couldn't escape it. She blasted the airways with her catchy rhymes and made people go out and get "Bloody Shoes!". She oozes self confidence and as a fan who has been following her since 2015 it's well over due.

Now every week isn't a good week but here some lyrics to get you through.


Her verse in No Limit with G-Easy

Let's face it. Everyone basically hates Monday ! However if you put this lyric in your system on Monday, it should be a little better.

My career takin' off
These hoes jogging in place
Swear these hoes run they mouth
How these hoes out of shape?
Can you stop with all the subs?
Bitch I ain’t Jared
If you really want some smoke
You can pull up, you can get it


Bodak Yellow.

A CLASSIC BOP ! This will get you into the right mindset for Tueday because as much adversity as she faces Cardi is still FOCUSED on one thing !

I be in and out them banks so much
I know they're tired of me
Honestly, don't give a fuck
'Bout who ain't fond of me
Dropped two mixtapes in six months
What bitch working as hard as me?
I don't bother with these hoes
Don't let these hoes bother me
They see pictures, they say goals
Bitch, I'm who they tryna be



HUMPDAY ! Get these lyrics in your system so that you can have the energy to pull that all nighter! If Cardi can do it YOU CAN DO IT TOO !!

Lil trick go bust a band on a bitch
Now give me all that money you be spending on your chick
Now give me all that money you be spending on your kid
Now give me all that money you been stacking for your rent nigga
I'm just into making money I ain't into making love
When you hear that stripper hoe I'm the one you thinking of
I'm the bitch they love to hate I'm the bitch they hate and love
Yellow bitch I look like Diamond in Playas Club


Lit Thot

AKA Friday Junior is basically the pre-game day of the week so to get you in the right mood for the weekend BUMP TO THIS ! You don't have to be Lit or a Thot!

I be that hood bitch from that block
It's my hood on top
Why you asking all them questions you a cornball you get popped
I'm really with the shits I'm a real bitch I don't flop


On Fleek

A personal fave of mine, this song goes perfectly with everything to me and just embodies how I want my Friday nights to go !!

I pull up like what's up, everything on fleek
I do it nice, seven days a week
Like oh my, oh my, oh my God
I don't do nothing for free you know I got to charge
When I'm done, they be like you better
You better, you better, you better
When that check come I be like
You better, you better, you better

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