Your outdoor cinema in 4 easy steps
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Your outdoor cinema in 4 easy steps

We haven't spent much time in cinemas last year, so we have a lot to make up for.

Your outdoor cinema in 4 easy steps

Yet we discovered that some of those unique cinema features are somehow not so irreplaceable, on the contrary: some cinema's seats are extremely uncomfortable. And air conditioning can be way too chilly. There is always someone very tall that chooses to sit right in front of your place. People are munching everywhere around you… And this is a non-exhausting list.

So for this season, you may wonder if you can find other options to enjoy a good movie without the hustle of a crowded movie theater. And your backyard is your best bet!

Safe environment, no tall guys blocking your view and you can choose snacks that are not excessively crunchy. And all this under a starry sky. Check our list of 4 steps to get the best out of your outdoor cinema.

Spruce up your messy backyard into a cozy space

No one would like to sit close to your smelly trash cans! It's time to clean up your backyard and add something to add charm to that ugly space.

Ever thought about fairy lights? Those string lights can really go a long way to make your shabby patio your new favourite space. Even though your movie theater should be pitch dark, a little lightning would be perfect for welcoming your friends.

Your cinema can be a second living room in your house, with some garden furniture, or you can invite your friends to sit on the ground, where you can strategically place some rugs or pillows.

Small tables would be the ultimate detail to supply some food and beverages - severely not crunchy!

Set up your movie theater

This is more technical: you have to make choices about your screen and your projector.

First question is: are you planning to create a home cinema inside your house too? In this case your best choice would be a projector that has all the best qualities yet it is small enough to be carried outside when the weather is good. Qualities for a projector are resolution, brightness, contrast ratio and screen size. Yeah, the screen is another crucial choice you should make. Do you have a white wall, without windows or anything that could distract from the view? Then go for it! If you don't have any surface that can do the job, you can find good portable screens for every budget. In the end, even a large, white blanket would be a good fit.

Of course, the resolution won't be as perfect as in a movie theater but, hey, you don't have any tall guy preventing you from seeing the screen, so it's already a huge plus!

Welcome your guests

Slices of pizza, small hot dogs, sweet and salty popcorn… you can make your cinema night something really nice to share with your friends. If you are a wannabe chef, you can also prepare some delicious finger food.

Your backyard will be the greatest movie theater in town with a beer dispenser: chilly beer for everyone, whenever they want it. A beer dispenser is a must have if you want to use your outdoor screen to watch your favourite sports with your friends. Also, it can make your indoor parties much better. Here you can find the perfect one.

Pick the perfect movie

Now, this is probably the hardest part: when it comes to a movie night, reaching an agreement on which movie to watch is a huge achievement. Some choices are easier than others, though: if you are spending the night with your friends, you can go for a horror movie. Gags and comments from your crew will make it less scary. If you are planning to create an outdoor cinema to have fun with your kids, you can create an "old Disney movies" night. Some classics are just perfect under a starry night.

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