To those thinking they are not enough, not loved or cannot go another day:

Your life is worth living.

Every breath that you have been allowed was for a purpose. Every move you have made—no matter how wrong it seemed—has made you into the person you are meant to be. You are not dumb, fat, ugly, a failure, ruined or not worth the time of day. You are fearfully and wonderfully made. You are worth more than rubies. You have the potential to be the role model you have always wanted.

Your life is worth living. There is someone out there waiting to find the love of their life. Guess what? You are the love of their life or their soulmate. Is that not worth living? No matter how undeserving you feel, this person who is on the hunt for you will be willing to love every scar, every failure, every hair that comes with loving you.

You may not feel worthy of love. I have news for you—no one is. We all have troubles and problems, holes we have dug ourselves into so deep that there seems to be no escape. But there is a human being just like you and me searching to love you unconditionally. If you were to give up on life, to quit this earth today, they would be on a lifelong expedition that would end in finding nothing. Do not give up.

Your life is worth living. The pains do not lessen, but you can get stronger. We are not born running marathons. We must train, even if we think 26 miles is unattainable. Before we make it through the race we will at one point have cramped and sweated and contemplated giving up. We may fall, bleed and rest, but suddenly the 26 miles is done and we have attained the unattainable. Life is a marathon. The race does not get shorter; we just get stronger. We all struggle. We all cry. We all fall. We all can get stronger.

Your life is worth living. You are not defined by the words of those putting you down or making you feel less than. You are only defined by your own character and confidence. If you think beautifully, you will be beautiful. Do not let the thoughts of the world control you. The world is so insecure in itself; it is looking only to make others feel its insecurity. Be you. Be different. Judge not and be not judged.

Your life is worth living. You are going places. You choose the places. You hold the keys to the door. You decide if you go through the door of depression, self pity and loneliness or the door of joy, love and laughter.

Do you not believe me? Try this. Smile. Smile at every person you pass for 24 hours. Try to make a difference in someone else's life. Do not think about how bad your life is or what you want to change about your appearance, living situation, income or intelligence. Give hugs to every person you would consider even an acquaintance. If you are not happy, you did not follow instructions.

Now, think about everything you hate about your life. Think of all of the parties you were not invited to and all of the times someone let you down. Frown. Have a bad attitude. Argue about anything anyone says. Sit in your room in complete silence. Feel depressed? I thought so. Now close your door.

Your life is worth living. Someone loves you. If you feel it is not true, know that I love you. I probably do not know you, but I love you because you are amazing. You are funny. You are smart. You are beautiful. You are a human struggling to get through life, just like me, the person beside you in class, the person sitting next to you staring out of the window of the bus, the milkman, the news anchor, the straight A cheerleader. We are human. I love humans. And I love you. Your life is worth me writing this. Your life is worth each breath you take. Your life is worth the lessons you learn. Your life is worth living.