Your Interests Are Actually Life Changing
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Your Interests Are Actually Life Changing

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Your Interests Are Actually Life Changing
Naomi Oken

Oh the art of finding time ! I am thinking about this topic this very moment, in attempts to start a probably rather difficult goal for myself, but hey you know what its either now or never right?

Ive to embark on a Daily Blog kind of crazy Casey Neistat v l o g styled journey ,except this sort obviously involves only writing (sorry no drones here Casey!), and thoughts that come to me throughout the day. These of which are ultimately going to be the article's guide. Today's Daily Blog topic is going to be about the importance of every interest .

A lot of the time people have hobbies. Maybe you like to watch anime, or draw a little here and there. Maybe you're into cooking or you find that organizing your closet is really calming for you.

These hobbies have the potential to grow into something more potent, and to morph into what I like to call a passion.

A passion is basically a hobby intensified times 10. This passion drives you to wake up in the morning, and consumes alot of your thinking. You're willing to spend hours on this work, without batting much of an eyelash. You find pleasure from it's ordeals,and bask from the triumphs that follow. You may actually have a passion without even realizing it. I think passions may vary from being really into a certain T.V show, to having a keen interest in finding different colored pebbles. Whatever your passion may be you DO have the strong potential to benefit much from it. I'm serious! You didn't watch all those hours of endless anime for nothing! The time you put into this activity , and thoughts (as unproductive as your family and even you may think), have slowly incubated your interests onto a higher level ! Maybe its allowing you to expand how far you want to spread within this world, and has allowed you to become more open to traveling , even to the idea of living in another country. Maybe the clothing and style within the shows are giving you inspirations for a clothing line of your OWN ! Or maybeee you're getting inspired to write up your own show, and maybe it's strengthening your desire to draw in itself.

And hey maybe that pebble collection, can be organized into a beautiful art piece that later ends up marking you as a unique artistic visionary within your time...OR maybe you can start up your own pebble collecting business.

Maybe those recipes you cooked up (literally), can turn into an actual cook book series...

And maybe that guy you're kind of obsessing over , and often spend a lot of time talking to will become your husband one day.

The point I'm trying to make here, is that your interests say something about yourself. They have the potential to grow into something more, into a passion that will and can forever change your life. Whether it opens you up to new cultures, or gives you buisness ideas ...your interests are an important part of you.

Listen to them, and allow them to guide you to your ultimate state of being (a.k.a Joy..had to bring in a little Kant here for a sec).

Blogging OuT!


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