Your Ideal Vision Board For Entering The New Year
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Your Ideal Vision Board For Entering The New Year

Celebrating the end of 2017 and getting specific for 2018.

Your Ideal Vision Board For Entering The New Year

I don’t know about you, but it seems that 2017 was an exhausting year for most people. In fact, hate toward the past twelve months has even become an internet sensation. I have completely gotten on board with this anti-2017 trend. Sure, I overcame many obstacles and challenges that I will always remember and cherish, but not without hitting rock bottom a few dozen times.

If you’re like me and ready to push 2017 off a cliff to make room for the new year, let’s start it right and start it smart. I’ve never made a vision board before, but now feels like the perfect time. If we dream it, maybe 2018 can own it.

1. If you want success:

What’s the first object or scene that comes to mind when you picture success? For me, it’s usually a trophy or a cheering crowd. This year, though, I want to picture success as a set of stepping stones because so often we overlook all the stumbles that have to happen before we can stand. Whether you are at the pebble or boulder stage, just take it one step at a time. Even though you might not see the end of the path right now, I guarantee that steadying your footing in the present will save you from countless unnecessary falls in the future.

During 2017, I reached a monumental milestone, graduating college, only to get knocked down over and over again. After trying to pull myself up so many times only to constantly slip, I had to wait for others to lend a hand. However, even then I occasionally fell while others steadily walked forward. Because of this endless pattern, I started thinking why bother swimming when I know I’m going to sink? Well, maybe I was trying to jump from one ledge to another instead of taking the stairs. If you’re anything like me, maybe let’s start our success in 2018 with baby steps, even if it takes us the entire year.

2. If you want love:

Before you start doodling hearts all over your vision board, you might need to take a step back and consider who deserves your love. First and foremost, you do. It might sound too cliché, but needing to love yourself before you can give or receive another’s love holds merit. Honestly ask yourself how someone can love you for all you are worth if you can’t even see it. Before you plunge headfirst in the romance of the century, reflect on who you truly need and desire in your life. Only then can you see and judge others’ intentions clearly.

Even more importantly, if you don’t recognize your value and treat yourself with respect, you are creating a dangerous standard for others to follow. Love yourself so fiercely that you won’t need to enter or end another year without another’s validation. Also, don’t just practice self-love in a romantic relationship. Value yourself among family, friends and partners until they can’t help but do the same.

3. If you want security:

Whether you need financial or personal security in the new year, remember that almost any obstacle can be overcome with patience, perseverance and practicality. It might seem impossible right now, but strong efforts reap bountiful rewards. First, budgets and proper time management can be your best allies in nearly every situation. Stick a clock to your vision board because time is a regular and daily gift, and it’s up to you to decide how you can best spend it. Maybe your circumstances can’t so easily be solved with a few obsessive schedules and highlighted agendas, but mapping out your average day can help put everything in perspective.

If it’s money you need, the variables depend entirely upon how much you spend and how much you earn. Maybe you need to consider lifestyle or even employment changes. Relationships work very similarly. To add stability, match your sacrifices with your gains to assure that any relationship stays equal. Everyone deserves to feel secure, and this new year offers an opportunity to replace your stress with confidence.

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