Your Guide to IUPatty's
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Your Guide to IUPatty's

What to Wear and What to Do

Your Guide to IUPatty's

It's that time of year again, IUPatty's. It's the annual St. Patrick's Day celebration at Indiana University of Pennsylvania. This year, the IUPatty's celebrations begin officially on March 19th, 2016. And as usual, students are counting down the days until festivities begin. But, before you "Patty" it up, here's what you'll need:

1. A T-Shirt

Celebratory T-shirts are a time-honored tradition of IUP. Printed, short-sleeved apparel has become most popular with two of the biggest events on campus throughout the year: Homecoming and, of course, IUPatty's. Keep a look out around campus for organizations selling Patty's T-shirts whether you want to "Make IUP Drunk Again," follow Dj Khaled on the path to "More Patty's" or make fun of the Slippery Rock kids as per usual, show your pride and a buy a shirt. Not only is it a great fundraiser for various student organizations, it's also a nice keepsake to remember your Patty's adventures throughout the years. I know I still have my "Up All Night to Get Lucky" Patty's shirt.

2. Accessories

IUPatty's is a little different from Homecoming because just a t-shirt won't do it. You're going to need some accessories. Make sure to hit up the Dollar Store or Walmart for green beads, leprechaun hats, glitter, tattoos, green hair spray, and anything else you could imagine. A good rule of thumb is to look as ridiculous as possible.

3. Kegs and Eggs

Don't forget breakfast! It's a marathon, not a race. Invite your friends and start the day right with Kegs and Eggs. Bonus points if your kegs and eggs are dyed green. Many of the Indiana bars have been known to do kegs and eggs. So, keep a look out if you don't want to host your own.

4. Green Beer

Enjoy a green beer at H.B. Culpepper's on the 17th of March from 11am-12am if you're ready to start your Patty's early. Otherwise, make sure your festivities on Saturday include at least one cup of green beer. If green beverages aren't your thing, AT LEAST order a pint of Guinness.

5. Pre-Patty's Festivities

As said before, the official date of IUPatty's is this Saturday, March 19th, but, if you're up for celebrating St. Patrick's Day a little early, don't miss some of the events going on in town. There is a St. Patricks Day mixer at Levity Brewing on the 16th that you can RSVP to here. Also, you can attend a paint-n-sip party at the RBG Bar, however, space is limited, so to purchase tickets ahead of time.

Additionally, the Brown Hotel is sponsoring "Underground Thursday" for Patty's complete with green lights, green beer, $1.50 wells and no cover. More information can be found here. And if you want some Irish music in your life, stop back at RBG Bar for live music on March 17th.

6. Actual Patty's Festivities

The weather is looking to be around 50 degrees and sunny. So fingers crossed that it doesn't rain, and as tradition, festivities will take place outside all day long. Make the most of your Patty's as it only happens once a year and try to remember that it is a marathon, not a race! Drink responsibly, stay hydrated, and make IUP proud. In the past, IUPatty's has been known to cause chaos (even though it's normally caused by students from visiting universities). So, remember to be respectful while you enjoy your Patty's, and thank you in advanced to Greek Life who cleans up the after Patty's mess every year. After all, IUPatty's is one of the most fun and most cherished memories of any IUP student, so make the most of it.


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