Your Days Off From Work, According To Pusheen The Cat

Your Days Off From Work, According To Pusheen The Cat

The internet's favorite tubby, lazy cat has to have an opinion on days off, right?

Now that I'm working full time, there is nothing I cherish more then my days off. Those two days are the one thing I'm looking forward to all week long. I get to sleep late, see my friends and family and most importantly, do nothing. No working, no traveling -- just straight relaxation all day long.

Here is a layout of my perfect day off, according to Pusheen the Cat, my favorite chubby lazy internet cat.

1. A day off wouldn't be complete without sleeping as long as possible.

2. When you finally do get up, you have to watch some daytime tv -- I'm talking Judge Judy and Family Court

3. Around lunchtime, you wander into your kitchen and inhale everything in your fridge

4. After that, you may play some video games and get further in that story mode

5. At this point, your family half heartedly tries to talk you into doing something productive, but you shut that down real fast

6. You jump on your laptop to catch up on social media and news, all while still in your PJs and on the couch

7. You're getting a little tired from your extremely busy day of doing absolutely nothing, so you head to bed feeling ridiculously relaxed

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