As you go through life, there are many interesting people you will run into. Some of those people will be friends, foes, family, and even a romantic partner. But when it comes to finding a romantic partner, how do you know if they are the one for you and are who they say they are? You have to make sure that you really know a person before you jump into a relationship.

You have to be careful when searching for a potential partner, as well as making sure your current significant other is also not out of the ordinary. Inspired by Taylor Mead's article on how to tell if your boyfriend is vampire, I began to think about the signs of how to tell if your boyfriend is werewolf. Here are eleven signs that the guy you are interested in may have a bark bigger than his bite.

1. Seems to always be shirtless.

2. Enjoys cliff jumping.

3. Avoids silver at all costs.

4. Seems to be overprotective.

5. Has an unusal amount of body hair.

6. He has a problem with other people who totally suck a.k.a vampires.

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7. Amazing sense of of smell.

8. Travels in a pack because full moons are for the boys.

twilight on instagram

9. Has anger issues.

10. Doesn't like cats.

11. They may imprint on your baby.

As long as you are aware of these signs, you will easily be able to tell if the person you are dating is in fact a werewolf.