All Your Bikini Needs, Covered
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All Your Bikini Needs, Covered

Get them while it's still hot.

All Your Bikini Needs, Covered

Summer is winding to a close, and school looms closer and closer. However, that doesn't mean you shouldn't spend the last weeks you have during summer frolicking in the sun in some cute suits. Bathing suits are summer staples that, if taken care of properly, can last many years to come. If you are in the market for new suits, here is a list of brands that cover many styles, body types, and price ranges!

1. Naked Wardrobe

Naked Wardrobe is a brand that the Kardashians wear often and includes basic staples like body suits and long dreamy duster coats. This year they debuted their swim line which follows their classic, basic look. These suits only come in black and white, but shine when it comes to styles and cuts. All though the suits are final sale, the price range is $34 to $42 for the whole set!

2. Kovey

Their newest line features velvet bikinis, and reversible tops and bottoms in a variety of styles that are sure to be flattering on many sizes. Kovey also has a more athletic look, focusing more on bright colors rather than lots of frills.

3. Meow Bikinis

This brand is a stand out when it comes to crochet suits. Skepticism comes when it comes to water and crochet, but these bikinis have lining to cover any areas of concern while also keeping things light and cheeky.

4. Frankie's Bikinis

Bikini tops with cool backs and one pieces that look nothing like what your mom used to wear is Frankie's summed up. The newest line focuses on sweet crochet details as well as floral and tribal patterns that gives it an easy and wearable feel.

5. Triangl Swimwear

Triangl has been around since 2012, and is a pretty well-known brand. However, they have stepped up their game featuring floral embroidered tops, tie-dye patterns, and new bottom options (including side ties and cheeky cut).

6. Matte Swimwear

This line is also for those with a simpler taste. Matte has both one pieces and two pieces with criss-cross backs and high cut bottoms. Their suits color range is all neutral, but still so flattering and interesting. The "chocolate" bikini is pictured below.

7. Midnight Swimwear

Another brand that shines when it comes to crochet is Midnight Swimwear. The strings are barely there making the easygoing boho vibe all the more real. They also don't forget the embellishments, many suits come with tassels or beads to add the perfect final touch!

8. Acacia Swimwear

Acacia has great options when it comes to one pieces as well as spins on the classic bikini. The mixture of pattens, interesting styles of tops, as well as strategically placed cut-outs, leads to a winning combination.

9. Mara Hoffman

If you're looking to splurge on an amazing piece, look no further. Mara Hoffman is unique because of its vibrant colors and unique patterns. The line also features caftans, dashikis, and jumpsuits all in the same patterns as the bathing suits!

Also remember, to save money, try investing in a pair or two of nice bottoms in neutral colors. Mix and match tops with these go to bottoms to avoid spending money on sets! Also a lot of brands have extensive collections that retailers do not carry in store. Go to the brands website to see full collections and find pieces that many other people will never get their hand on. Enjoy whatever time you have left of summer in style!

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