10 Infallible Reasons Your 20s Are The WEIRDEST Years Of Your Life

10 Infallible Reasons Your 20s Are The WEIRDEST Years Of Your Life

9. Quarter-life crisis

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1. Second puberty

And you thought that puberty was bad the first time around. Just when you think your awkward years are long behind you, you turn 20 and suddenly break out in places you hadn’t since you were 13, you gain weight, you get moody, and you get hairier.

2. You still feel like a kid...

Cartoons, Mac and cheese, and crying to your mother are all still pretty relevant in your early 20s.

3. ...With adult responsibilities

Working a grown-up job, paying bills, cooking, cleaning, finding time for friends and family, and taking care of yourself.

4. You start to realize how expensive living is

When you suddenly have to pay for everything yourself, you learn very quickly that food, clothes, shelter, and anything else necessary for survival are ridiculously expensive.

5. Your friends start to make more money than you do...

While your struggling to pay your bills and afford chicken nuggets, your friends start buying houses and going on vacation 2-3 times a year.

6. ...and getting married...

The first time you see that “I said yes” post on Facebook, it’s all over.

7. ...And having kids

8. Things can get lonely pretty quick

You go through so many changes in your early 20s. Chances are you’re on your own for the first time which can be a shock. Also, most of your friends have their own adult responsibilities and don’t have time to hang out like they used to. It can get pretty lonely in the adult world.

9. Quarter-life crisis

Where am I going? What am I doing with my life? What if I never figure it all out?!

10. But, no worries, because these are also the best years of your life

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