America, the land of the free, and the home of the brave. But in the society we live in, are we as free as we think we are?

When it comes to politics, we all know the strong division between the republicans and democrats in the United States. Democrats are more liberal, and more active in what they preach, which is great, because they are exercising democracy.

However, when the roles are switched around, it’s not quite the same.

My senior year of high school I was at a Donald Trump rally during the election season. It was very interesting to be a part of since whomever the candidate was going to be, you were contributing to a large part of our nation’s history. I posted a few pictures on social media of me at the rally. Other people that I had on social media would do the same at other rallies of candidates from the democratic party as well.

Later after those pictures were posted, I was getting numerous hate messages on how ‘stupid I am’ and asking, ‘how can you be a woman and support Trump?’

I also had a few people send me a paragraph of how wrong I am, and then delete me off of social media.

Well, in a way getting these messages was a blessing because I found out who my real friends are, but I thought to myself, and as having the mentality of being a republican that ‘I would never attack someone like that because of their view. They can think what they want to think, I don’t have to agree.’

Though free speech is being exercised from both sides, it gets to a point where it goes from constructive criticism, to bullying.

I have lost friends, gotten F’s on papers, and one time, a death threat because I was expressing my own opinion. I stopped expressing what I think on political issues all together within my relationships, and on social media because I don’t want to have to deal with the bullying again.

It’s upsetting that in America, a free speech country that I have to hide my political views from the general public because I am afraid to get bullied for what I believe in.

To me, that is discriminating me from my first amendment rights because if I do express my opinions, I am afraid to get bullied. I know democrats have their first amendment rights to, but there is a big difference between disagreeing, and being a bully.