You Weren't Made For Ordinary

I curled up on the rickety wooden chair in the corner of our motel room. He laid on the 1970's floral pattern bed that we barely fit in (may have kicked him in my sleep, oops) propped up on his elbow, and listened to me sob.

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My husband and I recently made a big decision to follow where the Lord has led us, pack up, and move to Arizona for four months for his training. I've literally never lived outside the state of Indiana and we just experienced one huge life change and my tiny heart may have freaked out a bit as I anticipated another big change.

I worried about finances. I doubted my abilities. I told him how tired I am of this process. And then I blurted out: "I JUST WANT A NORMAL LIFE."

He stood up, embraced me, and whispered something so simple yet profound.

And now I'm going to whisper it to you.

He said, "No you don't. You don't want that. You know, it's okay to be poor. It's okay not to know His plan or see the whole path. Just the next step. We weren't made for ordinary."


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He was right. I don't want a normal life. I want an ABUNDANT life. And I'd bet that's what you want, too.

And I'm slowly learning that an abundant life sometimes means growing pains, big moves, hard sacrifice, discomfort, nervous sweats, long drives, late nights, sometimes messy cries, and crazy adventures.

So don't be like I was trying to be. Don't settle for normal. Take that big risk, give it all you got. Because we only get one shot in life & we might as well make it count.

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