'YOU' Is The Only TV Romance You Should Watch This Valentine's Day

It is possible that upon first glance at the show, "YOU," is just another love story. The typical cliche, the lovey-dovey kind that many shows told before it. However, this is most definitely not the case.

"YOU" invites viewers to watch a young book store clerk named Joe Goldberg to become more and more obsessed with a woman that once entered his bookstore: Beck. No, this new edition to Netflix is not your run-of-the-mill love story where falling in love is easy and your potential love interest is not stalking you. "YOU" will most likely make you terrified to enter a new relationship.

Now, ladies, will every nice man you meet in a book store end up being your stalker? Of course not. Now, could the nice man you meet in a book store end up being your stalker? Possibly, which is all the more reason to watch "YOU" this Valentine's Day.

I would like to start off saying that I adore romantic comedies and soapy TV dramas. I do not care how many times people tell me they are cliche or cheesy or unrealistic. I love them. In my opinion, I'm not looking for my choice in a movie or television show to always ground me in reality. Most of the time, I am desiring the exact opposite actually. So, this is not to say that "YOU" is better than those sorts of movies/shows. However, I do believe that "YOU" offers something that those genres of entertainment do lack.

"YOU" offers watchers a hyper-realistic display of a relationship between an unsuspecting woman and her stalker, a relationship that sadly is much more common than represented in popular media. This dangerous relationship is displayed in a show that will keep you on the edge of your seat while also possibly making you question your likeliness to become victim to a man like Joe. "YOU" shows the gruesome truth behind what 'stranger danger' truly means and, I believe, encourages viewers to be more cautious when it comes to entering new instances of romance. Especially in a modern day where online dating is becoming the norm, it is crucial for young women like Beck, as well as all young adults for that matter, to consider the potential dangers in the dating world, especially when a fair majority of that world takes place on the internet.

I will not spoil the show for any of you, but I will say this: Beck has no idea that this man she has just brought into her life is stalking her every move in person as well as online. Beck and Joe did, in fact, meet in person, and yet here this woman is, entirely unaware that this nice man she just met is monitoring her every move on the internet. It is important to note as well that Beck is not naive or stupid for not realizing that this happening to her. She even took precautions such as giving Joe an email address to contact her when they first met rather than a phone number. However, at this point, Joe already had access to her life on a level she, and no other young woman would have guessed.

Even after being cautious, Beck ended up in a dangerous relationship. This show will make you consider what could happen if you were to take zero precautions in your dating life, to just throw yourself into something new with a person you barely know. It will make you think twice in a world where contact with strangers is encouraged and perfectly normal, and I believe that that is very valuable in our world today.

Also, this show is just crazy addicting and suspenseful. You will probably binge-watch it because you are just so desperate to know what will happen next with Joe Goldberg and his screwed up mind. The show not only will pull you in with a series of dark twists and turns, but also show you that maybe you shouldn't trust that cute guy you met the other day immediately.

But anyways, turn the lights down low to set the mood, snack on some chocolate-covered strawberries, grab your significant other (or a really fluffy pillow) and press play, because "YOU" is what is in store for a perfect Valentine's Day.

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