17 TV Hunks We'd All Love To Spend Valentine's Day With

17 TV Hunks We'd All Love To Spend Valentine's Day With

For all us single ladies, we can definitely appreciate a hot actor.


Valentine's Day is an overrated holiday. It's a specific day to do something nice for your partner when you should be having date nights and surprise gifts throughout the entire relationship. Not just specific to one day. So, for all us single ladies, why not spend the day daydreaming about any of the following TV hotties? There's nothing wrong with a little Instagram-stalking on this love-centered holiday!

Here are 17 TV hunks we'd all love to spend Valentine's Day with.

1. Channing Tatum


Channing is definitely a cutie, I mean look at that small smile. And you know he'd take care of you.

2. Zac Efron


Zac has been stealing girls' hearts since his "High School Musical" days. And he keeps being the sweet guy we all believe he is.

3. Dave Franco


Dave is the hotter one of the Franco brothers, anyone can see that. I mean what's not to love about him?

4. Theo James


Theo has it all: good looks, a British accent, he's six-foot, and he's got abs for days. Plus, if you watch behind the scenes videos from his "Divergent" days, you'll see that he's also a very caring person.

5. Noah Centineo


Noah has been brought back into the TV spotlight, thanks to "To All The Boys I've Loved Before." This role made him the man of countless dreams: he's very attractive, fit, and a sweet boyfriend.

6. Bradley Cooper


Whether it was his role in "The Hangover" or "Valentine's Day" or anywhere in between, this heartthrob is an amazing actor with the looks to match.

7. Josh Duhamel


Even with pasta all over his face, I think we can agree that Josh still looks amazing. And he seems like a guy that would cross oceans and steal time for you.

8. Chris and Liam Hemsworth


Liam stole hearts from "The Hunger Games," and Chris stole hearts from "Thor." Two very talented young men with comparable good looks and personalities.

9. Logan Lerman


Even though Logan hasn't been in anything for a few years, it doesn't mean the world has forgotten about him. He's still one of the cutest celebrities around.

10. The Jonas Brothers


The Jonas Brothers have been around for years, and you'd be fooling yourself if you didn't have a favorite cutie. And even though they're almost all married, that doesn't mean you can't still fawn over them.

11. Chris Pine


Just another attractive Chris that makes girls swoon. I mean, look at those eyes and that smile!

12. Josh Hutcherson


Josh has been my celebrity crush for years, and it's pretty obviously why. He's adorable, super handsome, and a good person.

13. Taylor Lautner


While I was Team Edward, Taylor was most definitely the more attractive of the two men. Look at his face and those muscles!

14. Dylan O'Brien


As the nerdy kid in "Teen Wolf," Dylan shows the world that nerds are hot. And what's better than a dorky, funny, and cute guy?

15. Ryan Reynolds


Ryan does it all: the superhero, the romantic, the wild. But he also has it all, the looks, the bod, the height, and the personality.

16. Robbie Amell


Robbie is one of the hottest guys I've seen. His role in "The Duff" is one of the best and he has a way of making you fall for him even when he starts off as a jerk.

17. Jacob Eldori


Jacob is new to the game, but his role in "The Kissing Booth" made him an actor to watch. His Australian accent and amazing good looks are definitely working in his favor.

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63 Unique Ways To Say 'I Love You' Other Than Literally Saying 'I Love You'

Cause saying the 'L' word is hard.

Ah, love... what is it? It can be many things. A romantic thing, sure. But I have had someone say that they platonically love me... meaning the exact opposite. Many people have a love for things besides other people. For instance, pizza or sleeping. All great things.

With Valentine's Day being the next BIG holiday coming up, here are 63 other ways to say "I love you" other than literally saying "I love you."

1. "Text me when you get home."

2. "You look hungry, do you want some of my food?"

3. "Don't forget to take your medicine."

4. "I don't know what I'd do without you."

5. "You are beautiful."

6. "How can I help?"

7. "I was just thinking about you."

8. "You amaze me."

9. "I'm so proud of you."

10. "I saved you the last slice of pie."

11. "I would save you the last piece of chocolate cake for you, even if it was the last thing to eat on Earth."

12. "You make life worth living."

13. "I don't know why, but I'm still thinking of you."

14. *you use the force of your tortilla chip to get more guac on my tortilla chip*

15. "This song makes me think of you!"

16. "Wanna rant to me?"

17. "I adore you."

18. "When I'm with you I feel safe."

19. "You make me happy."

20. "Forget butterflies. When I'm with you, I feel the whole zoo in my stomach."

21. "You know damn well I would go nuts without you in my life."

22. "I don't know what I did to deserve you."

23. "You're my best friend."

24. "I remember the first time I laid eyes on you and my life turned upside down."

25. "As long as I have you in my life, I'll be okay."

26. "I plan on annoying you for the rest of our lives."

27. "The fact that you have put up with me for this long is truly amazing."

28. "I like how weird you are... because it makes me feel less weird."

29. "I have so much to tell you!"

30. "I trust you."

31. "You're difficult and annoying AF, but I wouldn't have it any other way."

32. "I really want to kiss you right now."

33. "If someone kidnapped you, I would train for as long as possible to become a black belt in karate so I can save you. It may take a while, but I would do it."

34. "It would be impossible to pinpoint just one thing I like about you."

35. "You're my person."

36."You are so special to me."

37. "I know it's impossible to measure happiness. But on a scale of 1, being not happy, and 10 being super happy, I'd be at 1,000,000,000."

38. "You're the peanut butter to my jelly."

39. "You're like a brother to me."

40. "You're like a sister to me"

41. "Sometimes I catch myself smiling when I think about all the good times we have had together."

42. "When I'm with you, my heart feels funny. But a good kind of funny."

43. "Did you get enough sleep last night?"

44. "If someone told me a secret, and asked me not to tell anyone... I would tell you."

45. "I don't think about how I look in my Snapchats anymore, I know you don't judge me."

46. "You're kind of an a**... but you're my a**."

47. "Want a hug?"

48. "Come talk to me!"

49. "We should adopt identical puppies and be neighbors when we're older so we never are too far apart."

50. "You're the one I text when I need to smile.

51. "I dislike a lot of people. But I dislike you the least."

52. "I would only be a little embarrassed to be seen with you in public if you were wearing plaid on plaid."

53. "I would shave my legs for you."

54. "Every time I kiss you I can't help but smile."

55. "I've been told I am a great listener, tell me everything."

56. "I will always be here for you."

57. "Have you noticed that some of your attitude and behaviors have rubbed off on me?"

58. "You are so funny."

59. "Right here, right now: you are my number one priority."

60. "Are you ever gonna introduce me to your family???

61. "Want the last chicken nugget?"

62. "Let's grow old together."

63. Sometimes, actions speak louder than words

Cover Image Credit: 123rf

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This Valentine's Day, Choose To Give Love Instead Of Chocolate Or Flowers

It's a day for people to pause and reflect on whether they are showing important people in their lives that they love, care about and appreciate them.


I'm looking forward to Valentine's Day this year. Mostly due to the fact that I'm a hopeless romantic so I secretly enjoy mushy holidays like this, but also because I think I'm finally understanding what it all means.

A little while ago, I was curious and looked up the history of Valentine's Day. Some of it was kind of dark, not gonna lie, but one legend stood out to me. This particular legend speaks of a priest who was arrested and jailed for performing illegal marriages. While in jail, he met and fell in love with the warden's daughter but sadly, he was sentenced to be executed. However, before his execution, he wrote her a letter signed "from your Valentine."

Valentine's Day today is, fortunately, not as gruesome and dramatic as this legend suggests but it hit me upon reading this that there is something symbolic to be drawn from this story. Thankfully, most of us (hopefully all of us) do not have to worry about being executed. However, we do have the stress and daily grind of life to deal with. With all this constant mess we surrounding us in life, it's easy to forget about the people we love. Slowly but surely we start taking them for granted and putting their feelings more and more on the back burner of our mind.

That's why Valentine's Day is so great. It's a day for people to pause and reflect on whether they are showing important people in their lives that they love, care about and appreciate them. This is something that can't be done by throwing flowers and chocolate at someone. Those things are nice, but if they come with no thought, they are useless. Giving someone flowers one day out of the year will not make them feel loved. Instead, it's better to use Valentine's Day as a yearly checkup to reflect on how much selfless love and appreciation you give to people in your life who truly deserve it.

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