I recently uploaded a video of me standing in front of a floor length mirror while zooming in on the overly messy room around me with the caption "It be like that sometimes." The video was posted with the intention of bringing humor to the messy state of the room. However, I also knew I looked good in the video so it was also a slight "flex."

This video caused several messages to be sent to me talking about how good I looked. Me, knowing that I looked good, replied with "I know." The recipients apparently did not appreciate this response since it was not your typical "awh, thanks *shy smile emoji*" so I then received various messages from both genders ranging from "you go girl!" all the way to, "nvm you don't look that good."

This brings me to my point, if someone looks good and you have the desire to express to them how good they look, DON'T BE UPSET WHEN THEY HAVE CONFIDENCE IN HOW THEY LOOK.

If someone knows they look good and shows how confident they are in their looks, be happy for them, uplift them, and support them, but do not be upset when they show you they don't need assurance from you on how they look. Almost everyone likes to receive positive comments on their appearance, it is just human nature to want acceptance from those around you. But if someone shows that you're response and opinion doesn't matter to their perception of themselves, then don't be upset.

It takes an extreme amount of hard work and dedication towards your own self-growth to rely on others appeal of you in today's society. It requires hours and hours of continuous self-affirmations, self-awareness, self-care, and so much more. So when you see that someone has worked to achieve this confidence in themselves, don't you dare be upset at them. They have worked hard and deserve to be able to feel good about themselves. Deal with it.

For the people that are still posting in hopes of receiving positive assurance from other people, learn to love and appreciate everything about yourself for the simple reasons that you are you. You don't need assurance from anyone else!

So the next time you start receiving all the compliments on how good you look, I urge you to reply with "I know." You'll find out who are the real people you need to be accepting compliments from. And if they reply with, "just kidding" or "nevermind," don't even bother giving those peasants a reaction. Just block them. Cause you don't that negativity in your life, honey. You keep doing you while loving every part of you!