You know you're from Houston when...
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You know you're from Houston when...

Everyone adds the word ya'll to their dictionary.

You know you're from Houston when...

Do you call Houston home? The fourth largest city in the US, it is known for its big skylines, home of NASA, and the Houston Rodeo. College cities are great but you always find your way back home. Look at it this way, you're an hour from a beach, may or may not be a good one, and most likely there is way more things to do in Houston than any "College Town." Here are ___ things that make all Houstonians who they are.

1. You wait all year until March to go to the Rodeo at NRG Stadium.

Fried Oreos, boots, carnival rides, Muttin' Bustin', Bull Riding, turkey legs, and men in boots and hats are what The Houston Rodeo are all about! People wait all year for them to announce the lineup for the Rodeo.

2. The Astrodome is just sitting there, and no one really knows why it is there.

Closed in 2008 because of the code violations after Katrina in 2005 but has been listed on The National Register of Historical Places.

3. Someone you know owns an old Astros jersey.

The rainbow jersey is always in style.

4. "713" and "281" mean something to you and the people you went to school with. Other people just do not understand.

If you were a "713er" you made fun of the "281ers" and the "281ers" were jealous of the "713ers." But you only ranted about it when you were younger, not when your older.

5. You have a love-hate relationship with Galveston.

When people say Galveston is ghetto you get mad because you grew up on The Strand and performing at the Opery House. The water may not be clear and it may smell bad but childhood memories are the best thing ever.

6. Driving on highways... in 5 o'clock traffic... and need to be there in 20 minutes? No problem, Houstonians can do that!

To get five miles in Houston you have to leave 30 minutes or earlier (depending on traffic) just to get where you need to go. Even then you will be sitting in traffic majority of the time. If you do not know how to drive in Houston then you are screwed.

7. Some people think the gas prices going down is a good thing. Everyone in Houston knows that it is not.

People think that these gas prices going down is a great thing but they are wrong. Oil and gas prices need to be high to have money in this city. When gas prices in Houston are high, more jobs are allowed to exist. When they go down, layoffs increase.

8. We have all 4 seasons within a week, sometimes over the period of 48 hours

You know what I mean.

9. Everyone in Houston knows what a "feeder road" is.

Some people call it a Frontage Road or Service road but if you're from Houston you call it the feeder and if you are not from Houston than you have no idea what that is and you look at us like we are crazy!

10. You and your friends have taken a photo in front of some kind of "Houston" sign.

You have not been to Houston until you have taken a photo there.

11. Dallas? Dallas sucks and everyone knows it.

It is Dallas after all. Is there really a need for any more explanation? And if you say someone is from Dallas and not Fort Worth they will release their claws. It is kind of ridiculous.

12. Almost all the highways you drive on have always been under construction and has always been under construction ever since you have been alive.

I-10 has been under construction since I can remember. It is now the widest freeway in Texas and the U.S. Take that Dallas!

13. When people say their city has the best BBQ, Tex-Mex, or Asian food they are wrong... Houston has the best of all three.

Let the food speak for itself!

14. Everyone adds the word ya'll to their dictionary.

I have had to make Siri add this word for me. We all have gotten the autocorrect of "you all" when in reality it is y'all!

15. You get out of school early on "Go Texan Day" at noon to avoid getting stuck behind the trail riders.

Not many schools can say they do this! It was one of my favorite days! You got to wear jeans, a cowboy hat, your cute pink boots or brown if you are a boy, and a button down! Everyone in the school knew what day it was! All parents are there on time that day so they can avoid the trail riders and if your parent is late you would be sitting there a while!

16. When the trail riders come through town it is on the news.

No other city can make such a big announcement as this one!

17. If you are taking a road trip you plan it around whether you can stop once or twice going or coming.

It is Bucee's after all how can you resist?

18. When it snows it is as big a deal as electing the president (without all the drama).

You hope school gets canceled because of the snow... well more like water on top of grass... Not even enough to make a snowball, but sometimes you get lucky.

19. You have had one picture or group photo shoot in front of the water wall. You can not leave Houston before you have a photo.

Your clothes may get wet but the pictures come out great!

20. Houston is just the best... Even George H. W. Bush lives in it!

What can I say, he's awesome!

If you have never visited Houston you should and if you have left, come back it will be fun! Houston is a great city and the skyline is even better!

See, what did I tell you?

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