You Know You Are Obsessed With Taylor Swift When…
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You Know You Are Obsessed With Taylor Swift When…

13 reasons that maybe you are a little too obsessed with Taylor Swift… but you’re young and you’re reckless and you took this way too far.

You Know You Are Obsessed With Taylor Swift When…
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I remember the first Taylor Swift song I fell in love with–Tim McGraw. I remember getting a haircut and showing the hairdresser a picture of Taylor Swift’s haircut to show her what I wanted. The walls of my bedroom are filled with Taylor Swift posters, pictures, concert tickets and merchandise. I have two Taylor Christmas ornaments on my tree every year and her CD is always on repeat in my car. I made my family take a trip to Nashville one year. The two things I wanted to do most was: 1. Go to the Country Music Hall Of Fame and see everything Taylor Swift. 2. Take a drive by her apartment. I took an hour bus tour just to go by the building that Taylor Swift lives in.

You Know You Are Obsessed With Taylor Swift When…

1. You love every song Taylor Swift writes, no matter what anyone else says about it.

When your friends start talking bad about one of her songs, you always have to defend it. All of Taylor’s songs have a meaning behind them. Most people say she only writes about boys, but you know that’s not true. Yes, a decent amount of her songs are about boys and past relationships, but she has so much more to her songs. You have to listen to the message behind each song. There is not a single ache or joy in my life that has not been captured by a Taylor Swift song.

2. When someone tells you they don’t like Taylor Swift, you start questioning their friendship.

If they don’t love, or at least like Taylor Swift, is their friendship really worth it? If someone is going to constantly bash your idol, what is the point of this friendship? You always defend Taylor every time haters try to hate, hate, hate, hate. Because all they are is mean. You know you really love Taylor Swift when you start questioning the friendship.

3. You’ve painted the number 13 on your hand and painted your nails with a Taylor Swift design.

For one of Taylor’s concerts, my best friend and I both wrote a huge 13 on each of our hands. I also painted my nails purple and gold and wrote a ‘TS’ on one nail and a ‘13’ on another nail.

4. You have recurring dreams about meeting Taylor Swift.

For many years, I have had different dreams about how I meet Taylor Swift and how wonderful it would be. After every dream, I wake up extremely happy, yet disappointed that it did not really happen. Although a dream is better than nothing, I just wish I could meet her in person.

5. You wear Taylor Swift perfume almost every day of your life.

You tend to get really excited whenever someone mentions that they know you are wearing it. I remember I met Lauren Alaina one night and the first thing she said to me was, “You are wearing Taylor Swift perfume!” I got more excited about her bringing up Taylor than I was about getting to meet her.

6. When someone asks you what your favorite song is, you can’t pick just one.

“What is your favorite song?”

“Anything by Taylor Swift, really.”

7. Anytime you are in a bad mood, blasting a Taylor Swift song puts you in the best mood.

September saw a month of tears that were tied together with a smile. I’m just a girl, trying to find a place in this world with Taylor Swift.

8. Taylor Swift has the best dance moves you have ever seen.

You wish you could dance like Taylor. No matter how awkward or embarrassing it may be, she still has some pretty awesome dance moves.

9. You know every single word to every single Taylor Swift song.

Even the songs that aren’t played on the radio 24/7.

10. You love Pop Taylor Swift as much as you do Country Taylor Swift.

Taylor could probably start rapping or play heavy metal and you would still love her. Anything Taylor Swift writes is absolutely amazing in every way.

11. You have admitted to wanting to be Taylor Swift, her best friend, her driver, or even the person who cleans Taylor’s apartment.

I mean, if I could be around Taylor every day, I would be extremely happy, no matter what that meant.

12. Taylor Swift is your role model, idol, hero, and best friend.

She has taught you that you do not always have to be strong every second of your life. You are allowed to break down once in a while, as long as you get back up and shake it off. She has taught you about love, happiness, laughing and life.

13. You know that you and Taylor would make amazing BFFs.

If only I could just meet her and then she would also see that we would make perfect best friends.

Maybe you are a little too obsessed with Taylor Swift… but you’re young and you’re reckless and you took this way too far.

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