"You got me touching heaven"

I have typed and erased these words over and over again. I wanted to get these words right and somehow say the right thing. But, I have figured out that I'll never quite get those words right.

Tuesday, June 6th, I attended a funeral for a friend that passed away in a car accident. She was 19. I knew I wanted to do something to honor her and I thought what better way than telling her story to help others through writing. So, I began thinking of her story and I quickly realized that it's not her story, it's God's.

And I know, how can someone say the word God after their friend, a daughter, a niece, a sister, a granddaughter, was just killed in a car accident?

Well, because about whom else would I speak?

He is the great I am. He is the God of the heavens, the earth, and everything that lies within it. He holds you in his hand. He held Emily in his hand until He just could not wait to see her face-to-face, and then He did. He is Emily's savior. He is my savior. He wants to be your savior. I can speak God's name because I saw a family, before anyone else, stand and worship with hands raised when their daughter's favorite worship song was played at her funeral. I watched a family speak to every person at their daughter's graveside. I can speak God's name because I witnessed God at a 19 year-olds funeral. He was there, y'all.

At Emily's funeral, her siblings spoke. Her brother said something along the lines of who are we to question the Great I am? He went on to say that who are we to think God is going to give us time to do anything? The time is now to get right with Him!

Maybe — just maybe — reading this article will spark a revival inside of someone's heart and Emily's story will be the reason behind it. I pray that when this is published, people will be touched by the faith of a family. That people will see Jesus through Emily, despite not knowing her.

Ya see, God is a good God. He really is. Even after tragedy, we have the hope of heaven. We have the hope of eternity in paradise with Christ. But, just as we have the hope of heaven, we have the reality of hell.

Restore, rebuild, replenish your relationship with God. Don't say you will do it in a year, or after a certain time period, do it now. You truly are not promised tomorrow.

Rest in peace, Emily. You got me touching heaven <3