You Can Uke Too

You Can Uke Too

Don't expect to be a master any time soon, but do expect a lot of fun quite quickly

Grace VanderWaal, a quirky, uke-playing 12-year-old singer unsure of her place in the world, snatched a Vegas headlining act by winning the 11th season of America's Got Talent last summer. Her original song "I Don't Know My Name" connected with judges and fans alike, taking her straight from the televised audition round to the first live round with the push of a Golden Buzzer. The reasons for Miss VanderWaal's victory in the talent competition are numerous, but among them was her use of and expertise with the ukulele. While many singer/songwriters prefer to use the guitar for accompaniment, full-size guitars can be difficult to play before an individual nears physical maturity. For VanderWaal, the ukulele fit perfectly with both her persona and her youth. Practice, of course, likely helped a lot, as the child singer needed strong uke-playing skills to pair with her lofting voice and candid lyrics in order to win AGT.

Unless you already play the ukulele, it's unlikely that you'll be near VanderWaal's skill level on the uke in the near future. But that doesn't mean you can't become passable on the little instrument quickly. There are many things to love about the four-stringed, guitar-resembling instrument we call (well, some of us) the "uke." It's very portable. It sits nicely in the lap. Its strings can be comfortably strummed without a pick. For most individuals, the ukulele, at least in its soprano variety, its typical form, can be used as a hobby instrument without a vast quantity of stress.

I purchased my ukulele, pictured above, for less than $50 through Amazon. With many options for cheaper ukes available as well, the soprano ukulele is easy on the wallet. After you've purchased a ukulele and pressed your fingers against its strings a few times, you'll find that it's also easy on the fingertips. As a mandolin player, I can appreciate having an instrument with soft strings that I can play even when my fingers are sore. The ukulele is not an easy instrument for melodies, so far as I can tell, but it is quite easy as an instrument for chords. If you want to sing some songs from time to time but aren't already trained on anything, the ukulele might be the perfect instrument for you. While it might be annoying how difficult the D major chord can be for anyone with medium or large fingers, the basic chords of C major, G major, A minor, F major, and A major are all very easy to play on the uke. With those five chords and a handful of others, many popular songs will be right at your fingertips.

Becoming great at any instrument takes a lot of work. The same can be said of the ukulele. Yet that doesn't mean every instrument has to be hard to play decently-well. In my opinion, the soprano uke is one of the best instruments out there for someone who wants to be able to play some songs without tying up a lot of time, money, or emotional energy. It'll take a few days to figure things out, especially the strumming, but if you put just a little bit of fight into it, you should be playing something cool very swiftly. It may or may not be a Taylor Swift song. Actually, it'll probably be "Somewhere Over the Rainbow." Everybody wants to be able to play "Somewhere Over the Rainbow," right?

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How to succeed in relationships in ones’ lives by addressing karma. 

Every relationships in this life manifests from past lives. There is always some connection between you and the other person from past lives

There are no coincidences in meeting someone in this life. This is usually someone you use to know or you had connections from the past lives. 

Sometimes the relationships are good, sometimes they are not. These are karmic controlled. Every action, every thoughts and behaviour is the effect of your karmic planets. 

How you treat other people in your life, how other people treat you and how your relationships succeed or not depends on your actions in past lives. These are carried forward in this life as your karmic planets. 

The prime example of how planets affect you is moon. When there is full moon it affects lot of people. These people who are affected have mainly moon as malefic planet in their astrological charts. In same way when their relationship corner is weak due to malefic Venus it affects their relationships. I believe that every person connected in past lives will somehow have impact in your life in this life. 

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Hopeful or Hopeless

What do you hang on in life? Is it someone, something, or some place?



“I love you, or I thought I did”

      You can admire someone, you can love them so deeply they won't be able to understand. But there's a part of you that you can't give to some. That part is negative, the side that destroyed you every night as you lay there helpless in your agony of your nightmares. That side of you is so powerful, you began to let it control you. You allow it to tell yourself that you are not good enough. Some may not be able to handle THAT side of you. The one I may be deeply in love with will never be able to handle my side for I have seen how it destroyed me. I have felt that pain slice through my fiery, blood pumping veins, and exploding in the depths of my heart. 

That pain..I won't let it drown another soul...

      You ever love someone so much you couldn't even know where to begin with this other side of you. There's a sense of them not understanding, a sense of no consideration, or action. You ever just look your loved ones in there eyes, a second of relaxation. THAT side of you is at rest for a brief time. 

       You ever love someone so much it takes everything to fight the demon within you to hide a little longer. Thickening your wall will only last some time, while you wait why not have some lust join. Our timing is bad, we are nowhere perfection. People are in love and not together, and many people are together and not in love. 

       All we do in life is look for someone to love and be loved. How hard can that be…I’ll tell you. I had hope for us-for him. I thought he would miss me as much as I missed him. I thought he was going to realize how good of a young women I am, and want that back. Want ME, not my body, but my heart. At the end, I knew we were an end, but I had hope. Even if I kept the dark side of me hidden, you admired the bright side and that helped the dark side to dissipate. Now-that is all that’s left. I loved you, admired you far more to fall in love with your dark side to forget about mine. As you walked out, you took the light with you. I thought you were going to give it back because it was never yours, but I gave it to you.

        I learned to admire at a distance. I’ll admit that I hate that you moved on, but I’m happy that your happy. That’s all I ever wanted for you...Even if I wanted you. I wanted every part of you, not of lust, but a future together full of healthy growth. I miss that because I had hope. Hope for a better life. Hope that someone could admire me for who I am and not what others think I am. 

I had hope, but I don’t know what that is anymore.

Cassandra Reynolds

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