"You Can Do WHAT With An Orange?"

"You Can Do WHAT With An Orange?"

Those stupid Snapchat News stories that we all know and hate.

We have all seen ridiculous headlines such as these on our Snapchat news.

With the new update, we are now forced to see them when we accidentally swipe right expecting to see our friends stories. Disappointingly we are instead thrown ridiculous headlines. It classifies itself as "news" when you actually get "27 Body Myths Kids Believed That Will Make You LOL" or "Alone and Thriving, HBU?" When reading these example headlines, containing not hard-pressing news, I am very upset that our youth is being shown this bull malarkey.

When going into my research of looking through the stories, I recorded myself losing a brain cell when reading each article.

At one point I did stumble upon an article that was talking about the most recent school shooting in Florida but, to my dismay, it was just some rumor slandering a police officer which is absolutely disrespectful, but that is a completely different article.

I also see that it is extremely hip and cool to create these new stories with starting with a number like 15 or 33. Maybe this generation of millennials has such a small attention span that we have to spark their curiosity through an odd digit. I don't know what it is but from its popularity, they have cracked the code. I will never personally understand it.

We should be educating our children on what is going on in the world around them or better yet just giving them information that can be beneficial to their lives. In conclusion, step up your game, Snapchat, and give me some news that is actual news.

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