You Can Be Healthy In Your Own Skin
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You Can Be Healthy In Your Own Skin

My Body My Standards

You Can Be Healthy In Your Own Skin

The other day I saw this image:

You may see nothing wrong with this image. It seems accurate right? If you eat healthy you'll be thinner or more fit? If you eat like crap you'll be bigger? This image is a joke. Firstly, there is difference between weight and fat. Second, studies show genetics play a role in a person's weight and weight loss or gain. Third, it's not just about what you eat. What you consume is a good portion of being healthy but it does not determine everything. There are so many variables when it comes to a person's weight. it might be health issues (diabetes for example), mental health issues, stress, or fluctuation. Weight is not something you put into a box and everyone is supposed to conform to that standard.

I would say I'm an in between of the two bodies pictured. I'm not "fat" and I'm not "skinny." I got some thick thighs and a bit of a tummy but that doesn't mean I'm not healthy and eat like the girl on the right. I love McDonald's french fries and carbs in general. I know how my body is, if i ate just carbs and Coke all the time I would surely get bigger. I would much rather lose fat and keep my lean muscle than just diet and lose weight. If there's anything I've learned over the past couple years it's that if you really want to change your body you have to put in the work. Time and time again I've thought about maybe losing ten or twenty pounds. I don't eat super bad and I don't eat super healthy. I eat my fruits and veggies but I also enjoy my french fries from time to time.

I could worry about losing fat instead of weight and still be a curvier girl. If you eat just like the girl on the right in the picture you can still have the body of the girl on the left. You can't change your genetics. I happen to be a thicker girl and I wouldn't want to change that. No matter how many times I imagine myself with a flat tummy I realize I just don't care. I eat well and I workout. I am in good health. End of story.

This picture is false. What others' bodies look like is none of your business. What others eat is none of your business. You can be thick or thin and be healthy. You can't just eat healthy and expect the body you want. If we all looked the same that would be a shame. You can be healthy in the skin you're in. It's your body do what you want. We need to spread more love and acceptance. This picture just doesn't do it for me. My body, my standards.

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