Growing up, I had insecurities about myself. The way I looked in the mirror in a dress, a swimsuit, or a even gym shorts. We all had that one thing we wanted to be different. There's always some image society wants us to be and we feel like we have to be a carbon-copy from a magazine in order for people to like us.

I've personally had this struggle in high school and even in college. I used to hate how make face would be oily or how my hair was so frizzy and short. I used to joke about how my calves looked like turkey legs you get when you're at Disney World. The most difficult was the scars that I had, both physically and emotionally. When I was two, I was in a freak accident and got third degree burns on half of my body and was left with a huge scar on my chest. I always wore a sweater or big t-shirt to cover it cause it made me feel like a monster. There's always one thing that makes us feel different.

I was on Spotify and saw that my favorite new artist, Alessia Cara, had a new song called Scars to Your Beautiful. I thought it was going to be a moody, simple ballad like the rest of them but I was so wrong. The lyrics spoke about what every girl felt trying to be perfect when really, they already were. We don't have to change who we are for the rest of the world's approval. Our scars, on the inside and outside, makes beautiful.

If you wanna hear the song, the video is in the link below. :)