"Yes, I Withdrew From A Class. No, I'm Not Stupid!"
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"Yes, I Withdrew From A Class. No, I'm Not Stupid!"

For the anxious college student

"Yes, I Withdrew From A Class. No, I'm Not Stupid!"
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Today, I made a big decision. It wasn't a "life or death" decision, but it was one of those decisions that you really need to think and talk about. Today, I withdrew from my first college course. In my anxious mind, it felt like it was the end of the world. Yesterday night, as I was pondering the idea of whether or not to withdraw from the course, all I kept thinking about was that "no graduate school was ever going to accept me when they saw a big, old "W" on my permanent record" or that everyone was going to think I wasn't smart enough and call me a quitter. After about an hour of both my mother and my friends convincing me that I was not a quitter and that I was smart, I decided to go through with my withdrawal.

College is amazing. Don't get me wrong, there are some minor flaws to it, but it's nothing that I can't handle. At first, I was doing very well in this course. I started off getting As and high Bs. However, I started realizing just how anxious I had become. Not about the material, but about the time I had to learn the material. The more and more I kept thinking about that, the worse the sinking feeling got. Before I knew it....the sinking feeling wasn't just in my head, it was in my grade too. One thing led to the other and here I am....withdrawn from the class. Did I want to do it? No, of course not! Did I have to do? Some might say no to that question as well.....but to me, I had to do it. One of my friends explained to me that it was a lot better to withdraw from a class rather then get a "not-so-decent" grade in said class. So now, I am free to work on myself. I want to better myself physically, mentally, and spiritually. When I do that, I will be ready to take on this course again next year.

For all those college students who feel that they are stupid for withdrawing from a class, stop it! Stop it right now! You are NOT stupid! Quite the opposite actually! You need to listen to yourself and no one else! You are in charge or yourself. Everyone withdraws from a class at one point or another so keep your chin up high and keep going. That is all you can do. Be extraordinary in your other classes. Just know that you will get through this year and don't let anything get you down! The only place that negativity is going to get you is nowhere. Stay positive and everything will work out for your benefit!.......................

And if you ever feel like you are so stressed that you think you have hit rock bottom, just remember, God isn't finished writing your story!

Philippians 4:13- "For I can do all things through Christ, who strengthens me".

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