Yes, My Mom Knows What We Did Last Night

I feel bad for girls who tell me they had to lie to their parents about where we are or what we're doing, your parents should be your biggest supporters through everything not just the good things. My mom is my absolute best friend and while you told your parents you were at a sleep over I told my mom the truth. I told her about that time I drove someone else's car before I had my licence and how we almost got caught. I told her about the awkward guy at work hitting on me and we planned out my whole life with him. I tell her when we go to parties or clubs and she tells me stories from when she was young and stupid. She is always watching my snapchat stories and you know that's where you post the worst things, she usually just tells me how funny my friends are. She loves me more than anything and she knows that I can make the best choices if I have a responsible friend to come to about anything, she's the first person I call with all of my drama for this exact reason.

I don't want you thinking I just have a super cool mom or a Regina George mom, she is strict and she will tell me when I'm being stupid. Instead of telling me I have the freedom to do anything and giving me the resources to go crazy or being so strict I couldn't imagine telling her the truth about my weekend, she has a real conversation with me about my choices. She tells me I'm lucky I didn't get caught driving without a license but she also tells me that I'm a good driver and that there are worse things I could have been doing. She gives me a safe place to go when I'm in trouble because there is nothing more important for a young adult in her prime mistake making years. She knows everything there is to know about me (and trust me she knows everything about my friends too) so she has faith in me because she knows I am just trying my best and living the best life I can live.

When anything happens she's the first one I want to tell. She's shown me that 10 hours and 510 miles can't keep friends apart if you really want them. She is only one call away and in 10 seconds I can hear her telling me how that girl is such a bitch and how that other girl is just jealous and that really, I am going to be fine because everything happens for a reason. And I know I will be fine because I have her. My best friend and biggest supporter.

People always say you marry your dad but for me, men are competing against my mom. If she can send me a good morning and good night text every day without fail, I expect a man to put in the same kind of effort. My mom skypes me every Thursday night to watch Grey's Anatomy together, what are you going to do to beat that? When I send her pictures of me in different outfits when I'm trying to decide on what to wear, whether that be to an interview or to a dorm party, she tells me I look like I've lost weight and gives me compliments about the different outfits: which one makes my boobs look the best, which one makes my eyes pop, ect. Boys have a high standard to live up to.

There are a million things I could say about my mom and why she is actually the best person in my life but none of them really show you how amazing she is. She is beyond words and I don't know what I would do without her, she is my everything. My goal in life is to be half as great as she is because really who can honestly tell me their mom is better than this beautiful woman?

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