Yes, I'm Changing
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Yes, I'm Changing

And I hope I always will be

Yes, I'm Changing
Julia Grace Hill

"You've changed," an infamous phrase that typically has a negative connotation. Although some claim to hate change, it does not necessarily have to be something to fear or distrust. Of course change can be negative, essentially anything can be negative. However, change often constitutes growth.

A vital part of existing is the ability to change. The opposite of change is stagnancy, and that is not something that I want to define me. Change in my life seems to inevitable.

This past year, I moved across the state to attend university in Detroit. And yes, this has changed my lifestyle and some of the ideas that I previously had-- which has subsequently changed me as a person. So, I suppose one could say that I have changed.

To me, this is not a negative thing. I have learned and I have experienced new things, which have therefore woven their way into my being. I do not wish to be who I once was, but I do not dislike who I once was either. I have simply evolved over time.

There are parts of myself that I have kept over time, and there are parts that I have shed. It's entertaining to look back and see who you once were, what you once believed and what you thought was most important in life.

But, it is my natural instinct to feel a slight sting when I am faced with the words: "you've changed." However, I have learned to not only accept change, but to welcome it. I am glad to be the person that I am today, but I am also excited to see who I will be in the future.

I long to keep changing and growing. I hope to keep finding new passions and to delve deeper into the ones that have interested me throughout the years. I want to keep learning about myself and my surroundings. I will not stand still as the world around me shifts.

Yes, I'm changing.

"Yes I'm changing, yes I'm gone.
Yes I'm older, yes I'm moving on.
And if you don't think it's a crime, you can come along
With me."
-Tame Impala

"Going on 20 soon, they say I changed, that's a fitting room. I'm still the same kid that didn't speak when we were in the school."
- Saba
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