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My Favorite Starburst Color Is Yellow, Here Is My Story

It's an uphill battle that never ends.

My Favorite Starburst Color Is Yellow, Here Is My Story

The world is an unfair place.

People naturally seem to champion the reds of candies: sour patch, skittles, and a personal favorite, starbursts. Because of the apparent popularity of the red and pink starbursts in our culture, the yellow starburst has been overshadowed and, in turn, neglected. I will not fail to recognize the successful flavor profile of both the red and pink variety, however an appreciation for the yellow starburst must be encouraged and even, perhaps, enforced.

Open your eyes, people.

Though the color yellow is not for everyone and the lemon is an unpopular fruit to be casually munched, the yellow starburst has a beautiful balance of sour and sweet and is the most authentically fruity of the candies. Though I truly enjoy the red starburst, its juiciness can be a bit overpowering when multiple of the same color are eaten in succession.

The pink is actually my least favorite color in that I have no idea what flavor it is supposed to be? If it is strawberry, it tastes nothing like strawberries. There's something almost milky about its taste that I can't put my finger on, but that I truly despise. The orange also has that weird creaminess to it, and can we be honest, who likes orange flavored candy? What an unpleasant taste.

Which brings us back to the yellow starburst; how can one not respect its flavor? The lemon taste is undeniable and tempts you to eat another. I think the yellow starburst loses respect from the reputation that yellow candy has earned. The yellow sour patch kid is far too sour, the yellow skittle is boring, the yellow mike and Ike is super sour, and banana candies such as Laffy Taffys and runts make me want to throw up.

These yellow candies have created a stigma and have subliminally destroyed the reputation of the yellow starburst. Before even taking a bite of it, people judge it for its color.

I hope this article was food for thought, no pun intended. Fighting for the awareness of yellow starburst neglect has become quite the passion project for me. Next time you pop open a package of starbursts, unwrap that yellow candy with optimism and appreciate it for what it truly is.

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