50 Things That Happened In Between Tiger Woods Winning His Last 2 Masters

Unless you live under a rock, then you know that Tiger Woods just made history and won the Masters. Prompting the best come back story in the last 20 years.

Tiger went from the greatest golfer in history, to having the most talked about sex scandal and back to winning the masters, all within 11 years. But that doesn't include the other 3 years in between his last masters win and the start of the end for him.

But a lot more happened in the last 14 years than just Tiger Woods' problems. The world has changed quite a bit.

Google becomes a verb and is actually put into the dictionary


Hannah Montana debuts on Disney Channel 

Twitter is Launched


Pluto is not considered a planet anymore 

The Brittany Spears meltdown of 2007  

Anna Nicole Smith dies 

Keith Richards Admits "Sniffing" Dad's Ashes


Prompting 2007 to officially become to the weirdest year yet

The Iphone is released, thus changing the world


The Beijing olympics 

Heath Ledger Dies 

'Black Monday"  marks starts the financial crisis 

Bernard Madoff Arrested For Ponzi Scheme

Obama is elected president


Jersey Shore introduces everyone to Snookie and the rest of the gang


Kayne gives his now iconic 'Imma let you finish' speech at the MTV awards 

Tiger Woods' Sex Scandal 

Michael Jackson dies 

The Hati Earthquake 

The IPad enters the world


Instagram is launched, once again changing the world


The Iraq war ends 

Bin Landen is killed by the seals

Amy Winhouse dies 

Penn State football scandal 

Steve Jobs dies 

The Royal Wedding happens between William and Kate


Psy’s “Gangnam Style” becomes an international hit


Corey Monteith  Dies

Hurricane Sandy 

Sandy Hook 

New England Patriots' Aaron Hernandez Charged With Murder

Boston Marathon bombing 


Kim Kardashian and Kayne West Marry


Flappy Bird


Malaysia Airlines Flight 370 disappears 

Carbon Emissions are lowered 

Liquid found on Mars 

Bruce Jenner becomes Caitlyn Jenner 



Zika Virus 

Donald Trump is elected president


Pulse Nightclub 

Las Vegas Shooting 

Salt Bae


Oscar best picture mix up   

The 'Metoo' moment 

Another Royal wedding between Harry and Megan


Tom Brady wins his sixth Superbowl


Tiger Woods wins the Masters for the first time in 14 years


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