Christian Yelich Out With Season-Ending Injury

The Milwaukee Brewers are about to face the hardest stretch of their season. September is a pivotal time in major league baseball, as teams push for a coveted playoff spot.

The Brewers have been creeping up behind the Chicago Cubs for the top spot in the National League wild card race. With a come from behind win against the Miami Marlins on Tuesday, the Brewers came within one game for this spot. However, this win came with a cost, a high one.

All-Star outfielder, Christian Yelich, suffered a season-ending knee injury in the first inning of this game. Fans, coaches, and teammates held their breath after the reigning MVP fouled a ball sharply off the top of his knee cap.

It was announced post-game that this injury would cause Yelich to miss the rest of the season, ending his race for MVP and several other awards.

It is not to say that Yelich carried the success of this team completely, but as with any other star player, the team's success often comes hand-in-hand with his success. This being said, Yelich was out due to injury at the beginning of the season, so this is not foreign territory for the Brewers.

Coaches and players are still confident in their ability to clinch a wild card spot, as long as they continue to battle game to game through the rest of the month.

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