WWE Do Not Care About Their Women
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WWE Do Not Care About Their Women

What a surprise: Years after the Revolution, they still don’t know what to do.

WWE Do Not Care About Their Women

Let’s face it: the WWE product simply is not good, whether it’s the constant reliance on part timers or the inability to create likable babyfaces or there being no stakes. I could spend quite some time talking about all these flaws but there is something that is still a massive thorn in my side; it isn’t the first time I’ve complained about it but WWE seemed to have allowed both of their Main Roster Women’s Division to get worse.

During the winter months in 2016, people were lit with excited about feuds like Sasha Banks vs Charlotte, Becky Lynch vs Alexa Bliss, Carmella v Nikki Bella; down in NXT during the summer all the talk was about Bayley vs Asuka. These were fleshed out feuds with life and personality and made you want to turn in to the program every week - not perfect, but interesting. One year later, can you name a women’s feud that stands out? The Women’s Champions of last year are still Women’s Champion this year, just on the opposite brand. The Smackdown Women’s Championship has been passed around the Women’s locker without much of a care for the entire year while the Raw Women’s Championship hasn’t been defended in nearly two months and is being treated as importantly as its predecessor, the Divas Championship, when Nikki Bella held it and the Divas Revolution was being shoved down our throats. Can you imagine being the champion, the so-called top off your division, but being the least important factor in said division? The Raw Women’s Champion has barely appeared on WWE programming in weeks, but when she does, she’s a lost face in a brawl, she’s silent on commentary, or she’s doing a short promo. She’s hasn’t wrestled in weeks and yet she’s become the longest reigning Raw Women’s Champion.

WWE loves talking about the Revolution and the Evolution they gave to their women, however, what has changed? Women are still a small sideshow on the Main Roster, all 10-11 getting thrown into one five minute segment or multi-woman tag match that advances zero storylines. I don’t want to give up on these hardworking Superstars - I will never do that - however I’ve come to the conclusion that WWE will never care about their women outside of their making history; that is what will bring in the headlines and the noteriety they so well desire.

They are not allowed to stand out and be different; babyfaces like Charlotte, Becky, and Naomi are punked out to look like dweebs, are gullible, and (what appears to me) lack confidence as a part of whatever story they are in - they are in peril all the time. Heels like Carmella, Alexa, Natalya scream, say “shut up,” and are most likely found using a thumb to an opponent’s eye to steal a win. But don’t forget the most important element: “I started the Women’s Revolution!” This is the only story they are allowed to have, because Creative is bone dry out of ideas for them.

Do not be fooled by the romanticism of the promos they create. The first time the Women’s Championship was fought for at Wrestlemania 32, the ending had interference from Ric Flair, a man. The first Women’s Money in the Bank was won by James Ellsworth, a man. The first Women’s Hell in a Cell match ended with a further flip flopping of the Women’s Championship. And recently Stephanie McMahon came out during Raw to announce the first ever Women’s Royal Rumble Match under the guise of making history. How can I be excited when we never let any history making match breathe in its own right?

I never have to worry about the men as I do about the women; I pray I get to see my all time favorite in just one storyline every week, while the guys can have as many segments as they want, regardless of fan interest. You can only cry history so many times before history doesn’t mean anything anymore, and the people know the ending doesn’t matter. In the end, WWE do not deserve their Wonen Superstars.

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