Writer's block. Those very words conjure up an image of a person sitting at their desk on their laptop with a blank document and a blinking cursor.

For me, writer's block has a whole new and different meaning.

For me, writer's block does not signify me sitting in front of my laptop screen with an open document constantly staring at the blinking cursor.

To me, writer's block can mean many things, but the most common sort of block that I have experienced in my writing career is the lack of words.

It is the inability to put forth my thoughts and ideas to the world.

Simply put, this means being at a loss for words or being unable to communicate and put my points through clearly so that the reader can understand what I am trying to say.

We all have those days where we do not know how to talk properly. (At least I do.) In fact, right before writing this article, I had an incident right where I forgot what pickles were called and kept pointing at them at the cafeteria. I know how important of an issue this is to writers and, more importantly, to me.

Most people associate the image of having writer's block to being at a loss for ideas, being unable to concentrate and write something, or simply associate the person with being lazy and procrastinating.

To them, I want to say "no!" We know how to write, we know what to write, and we know what we want to say.

The thoughts and ideas are in my mind. I know what I want to say.

The problem is that I just don’t know how to articulately present my thoughts.

Or how to cohesively present my ideas and thoughts.

In today's times, it is super important to ensure that you are able to put forth your ideas without offending anyone or hurting anyone's beliefs and trusts.

As someone who uses her words to vent out her emotions and find an escape from her problems, I feel this is the thing holding me back.

Keeping this in mind, I feel that the issue I experience while producing new work is not having an idea but is how to present my thoughts and emotions to the world and my audience.