Wow, Two Years Have Flown By
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Wow, Two Years Have Flown By

Lessons learned heading into junior year.

Wow, Two Years Have Flown By
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Wow! Two years of college down and two more to go. Time sure does fly. I am extremely grateful for all I have experienced, the friends I’ve made and the lessons I learned in the time since my graduation from high school. I am nearly 21 and have a lot of growing up to do. But I have also matured quite a bit since my young high school days and want to take time to pass along pointers. This is my chance to reflect on my time here at Mitchell and my life at this point.

Firstly and probably most important is this. The only person you can 100% rely on is you. I have had to learn this the hard way. I am the type of person who devotes a lot emotionally to people. I trust with very little hesitation once I get to know someone. Due to this I have had my heart broken, lost friends and been disappointed time and time again. I realize now who my true friends are and who I should be distancing myself from.

On those same lines but the opposite, it’s okay to let some people in. Even when it’s hard to talk to certain people because socially they aren’t good conversation starters or seem like they need a little push to talk, you should try anyway. You may make a new friend in the process but you won’t know if you don’t try. If you are nervous about talking to or spending time with them because of something you are afraid might happen, then tell yourself it wont happen and just go make a new friend.

Try new things. Being involved in Hair this spring was a completely brand new experience for me. I have never been on stage that much during a show without taking breaks. The chance to try a new musical I had no prior knowledge of taught me how truly dedicated I had to be to this show and the cast in order to accomplish it. We did it and exceeded everyone’s expectations. I am proud of all of us for putting on that magnificent performance.

No matter what the commitment is, work and school come first. Balancing your priorities is important. The highest priority is school. First and foremost we come to college as students in need of advanced education. The second but not too far second priority is work. If you have a job outside of being a student, it comes before social engagements.

Love fiercely. Don’t look back at past relationships (or lack thereof) with regret but as experiences that led to something better. And just love with all you have. It won’t mean anything if you simply say those three words. You have to live them. Show your family, friends or significant others that you truly do care by doing the little things. Laugh at someone’s jokes, hug tightly, smile when you see your loved ones are down. Just try to keep people’s spirits up. In this world of negativity its important to share your love.

BE YOURSELF. I know this is cliché but I can’t stress it enough. Being yourself will bring the people in your life who are meant to be there. To quote from Wicked “people come into our lives for a reason.” By being yourself you can be certain they are in your life for a pure reason because you are genuine. Fake friends are merely sources of negativity. They must be weeded out.

Try as we might we all make mistakes, give too much of ourselves, or lose friends no matter what we do. But these pointers when used correctly can give you a positive college and young adult experience. I have tried my hardest to remain true to myself throughout my time in college. If something doesn’t turn out how I want it, I just try again. I am proud of what I have accomplished in these last two years and I hope my next two will be just as amazing with more experiences to have and even more positive, genuine people to meet.

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