By the name of this article, I know you're thinking that this is going to be a pro-cheating article. And you're asking questions like what about a real commitment? Or exactly what do you mean by mistress? But this article is not a pro-cheating article, I don’t think that anyone should be cheated on or people should cheat on a person but I also don’t believe that a relationship is real until everyone in the relationship has trust in themselves and the others included in the relationship.

First, let's define what I mean by cheating and mistress because everyone has a different definition. When I think of cheating, I don't think of flirting with someone that isn't your partner; some people just have a flirty personality. When I think of cheating I think of having sex or kissing someone that isn't your partner, I also think of having enough compassion with another person that you want to say I love you. What I mean by mistress is exactly what the definition of a mistress is; a woman that is having a relationship with a man that is in another relationship with a woman. And I would rather be her; the side chick, mistress, the girl that your guy is cheating on you with.


Why not? That person usually knows that they're cheating and they know that they shouldn't fall in love with them because they might drop you the next day. Yes, some people do fall in love with that person while being the side chick but that's their fault, they know what they're getting themselves into. When you're the girlfriend you don't think that the person is going to cheat on you, you think that both of you are on the same page.

I'm not saying that I'm going to go out looking for a guy that has a girlfriend, I'm not looking to be a mistress but I'm also not looking to get hurt because the person I love has cheated on me.

I wouldn't pick being a mistress over being in love but to be in love you need trust in your relationship. And to have trust you can't cheat or have been cheated on because it makes it harder for you to trust in other relationships.

A lot of people mistake cheating for not wanting what they have; for example, if your boyfriend cheats on you, you're going to think that it's because he doesn't want you anymore but that’s not exactly accurate. They might not want you anymore but that’s not the main reason people cheat, it’s because they’re not getting something that they need; whether it's compassion or sex their not getting it from you, so they go looking somewhere else which happens to be out of the relationship.

Now I'm not saying that cheating is okay because it is absolutely not okay, you're hurting the person you love. But, I would rather know that he's cheating then find out that he cheated. It hurts more when they cheat and lie about it then when they cheat and tell you right away.